5 Questions to ask before hiring Quickbooks for Mac help


If you’re looking to hire an expert to help you with Quickbooks for Mac,
please realize that the Quickbooks Desktop and Mac versions
are as much alike as a PC versus a Mac. Likewise, an accountant who has only used Quickbooks Pro (desktop) is very different from a Quickbooks for Mac expert.
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So before you spend your hard-earned money,  here are some questions that you should ask before you hire:

1) How many years have you used Quickbooks for Mac?
2) How many Quickbooks for Mac clients (versus other Quickbooks clients) do you currently have?
3) Are you a certified bookkeeper or a degreed accountant?
4) Are you a Quickbooks Proadvisor?
5) Can you tell me the differences between Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks for Mac? (without doing a Google search)
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By asking these questions, you should reasonably be able to judge whether the person is truly an expert.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want at least a certified bookkeeper and Quickbooks Proadvisor with several years of experience supporting Quickbooks for Mac clients. They should also know the differences between Quickbooks for Mac and the other Quickbooks versions (online and desktop).

If the person meets all of the criteria, you should get the best bang for your buck.