A La Carte Bookkeeping Services


Some of Our A La Carte Bookkeeping Services Include:

Weekly Process

Once a week our banking specialists will update all of your bank accounts and credit card accounts in QuickBooks as part of our bookkeeping services. These weekly cash reconciliations ensure all reports will be accurate and up-to-date within the past week which allows you to make informed business decisions. At the end of each month our banking specialists will reconcile all accounts and send you an email with any questions regarding income and expenditures from the past month. This is one of our more popular a la carte bookkeeping services.

Accounts Receivable Services

Have you been unable to present official estimates and invoices to your clients? We can customize your invoices and estimates to suit your needs. With our payroll services, we can even bill your clients and ensure all debts are collected. In addition we can also send collection notices to delinquent customers.  You can then focus on managing and growing your small business or franchise instead of chasing payments.

Accounts Payable Services

Paying and keeping track of your bills is something many business owners find difficult. We can take control of this process for you and post your bills to QuickBooks, we will then schedule a remote session with you to figure out what bills you want to pay and when you’d like to do so. Once you’ve approved bills to be paid we will then pay them on your behalf. We have recently partnered with a company who makes the whole bill paying process mobile. Instead of scheduling a remote session you can use your smart phone app to approve payments. Need more than one person to approve payments? Not a problem we can set up as many users as you require to ensure everything is getting approved and paid correctly.

Sales & Meals Tax Services

No one enjoys paying taxes, except us! Paying your sales or meals tax late or incorrectly can lead to unnecessary penalties and interest, and our a la carte bookkeeping service helps prevent such a scenario. If you’re a new business owner we will set up all necessary accounts with your state department of revenue, and pay the taxes on your behalf. If you’re an established business owner we’ll take over the tedious task of paying your sales, meals or use tax!

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