A Smart Way to Fix Outlook PST Inbox Errors


Outlook PST Inbox Errors

Do you use MS Outlook email account to send and receive day to day office emails? Have you been using the same Outlook email account for years? If yes, then you develop awareness about Outlook PST Inbox errors. MS Outlook basically stores the mail objects in a PST file. This contains all your emails, contacts, journal entries, attachments and notes.

You may experience different types of Outlook Inbox errors displayed on the screen in long error codes like 0x8004060c, 0x80040600 or 0x80040116. All these are Outlook Inbox errors that prevent the Outlook application from performing tasks properly and thereby hampering your ability to access your email account, view attachments, contacts and important calendar entries.


Error Causes

There is not one specific cause for the occurrence of Inbox errors. These can be triggered by several reasons, however, the most common are virus infection, PST file exceeds 2 GB limit and damaged and corrupted PST file.

Though these errors don’t come with a warning but there are certain signs that can help you identify that your computer is most likely to be at risk to Inbox errors. These signs include:

  • You cannot access certain parts of your Outlook interface
  • You can’t add new contacts or change entry data in your calendar
  • Obscure error messages start popping on your screen

Further Information and Manual Repair

When you experience these signs related to PST Inbox errors, it is advisable to repair the problem immediately to ensure it does not cause inconvenience for you and hampers your communication via Outlook emails. Remember this is not only a problem for you but for others to who are in your communication loop as they can’t either receive or send email to or from you. So, you really need to fix it quickly without any delays.


When it comes to fixing the Outlook inbox errors, identifying the ultimate cause of different Outlook Inbox errors can be tricky, time consuming and may require technical expertise to nail it down. So, if you are not an IT expert, repairing and resolving this issue can be an uphill task. However, not if you download and install an Outlook PST Repair Tool!

This is a smart way to repair all types of errors. You don’t have to go in deep to find the real cause of the error. The Outlook PST Repair tool does it for you. An inbox repair tool identifies and also repairs all sorts of MS Outlook errors in seconds. It is easy to use, highly functional, safe and efficient.

By installing an inbox repair tool, you can remove Outlook errors from your system easily and prevent them from occurring again. It helps recover data, lost emails and also repairs damaged and corrupted PST files.

To get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Click here to download the inbox repair tool
  2. Install the software on your system
  3. Run it and click restore to resolve Inbox errors