Antivirus and Firewall Packages for 50+ Workstations


Antivirus and Firewall Packages for 50+ Workstations


When you have a business to run, then it is pretty important that your workstations are working fine, with efficiency and are protected against any and all kind of threats. Most of the issues include viruses, malware, harmful and potentially dangerous websites and data so that your information may not get stolen and you don’t fall prey to online fraud. To resolve this issue and be prepared always for any unwanted situation, you should get antivirus and firewall packages for business. These packages will protect your workstation in a holistic way so that your office computers may work smoothly and help your business to grow and succeed.
When getting a good antivirus and other such software packages for business, you should invest in them according to the size of your enterprise. If you have more than 50 workstations in your office, then you cannot buy an antivirus that I meant for home computers. It will be wise to invest in Antivirus and Firewall Packages for 50+ Workstations. The smart workstation management will provide remote and on-site remediation for issues related to the workstation. Antivirus will help to keep the antivirus solutions up-to-date and running with regularly scheduled scans. While the firewall will block malicious online traffic from ensuring security and confidentiality from online snooping.
The best thing about enterprise antivirus and firewall packages is that they can be installed remotely and may even cost less if considered their bulk cost.


Most Popular Antivirus Packages


When you are going to buy an antivirus and firewall package for business, it is more appropriate that you first go through the information on all the available options and then make up your mind. It will be an effective and efficient decision if you go through the below-listed Enterprise antivirus comparison 2018 and see how different companies’ software offer different packages based on their number of workstations, and duration in terms of years or months.

Some of the top best enterprise antivirus 2019 are

Avast Endpoint Protection Advanced

It provides an optimum back-to-basics protection for the PC and runs on Windows. It can be used from 1 to 100 workstations for a standard license period of 1 to 3 years. You also get a 30-day trial. When you install Avast antivirus, you get browsing protection, remote PC management. If you opt for its Endpoint Plus edition then you also get firewall protection, spam filter, and server protection without spending too much of money, hence it may be termed as Best Server Antivirus 2019. Avast is capable of blocking nearly 99.7% of threats according to an AV-Comparative’s September 2016 Real-World Protection report.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

It provides a high-grade professional protection for servers and desktops of your business and it runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux. You can use it on 1 to 350 workstations and it has a license period of 1 to 3 years. Plus, you get a 60-day trial. Symantec Endpoint Protection’s provides the Insight file reputation technology which is capable of detecting and blocking the threats which have not even been discovered yet and are relatively new. It, of course, includes antivirus, intrusion protection, behaviour monitoring, and firewall. It comes with a POWER ERASER which can even remove the most stubborn threats and repairs the workstation. It may be a well-deserved contender for Best Business antivirus 2018.

Avira Antivirus for Endpoint

It is a simple to use antivirus for any small business or enterprise and it is compatible with MS Windows. It can be utilized for 3 to 10,000 workstations with license period of 1 to 3 years and a trial period of 30 days. It provides protection against online viruses, web filtering, and baseline network protection. It also includes server protection, optimization, application white listing along with blacklisting, therefore, it can be counted among Best Server Antivirus 2019.
It also provides reports on drive partition, license management, functions for mobile phones such as anti-theft, mobile finder.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 1.0

This antivirus protects PCs and even mobile phones, and it runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Windows Server, iOS, Android. It can be installed on 10 to 150 workstations in small enterprise. Its license period lasts from 1-3 years and it comes with a trial period of 30 days. It has antivirus, anti-spam, firewall. It can detect insecure mobile devices, manages the usage of camera, filters calls and texts, and in case of a lost mobile phone, It can remotely lock the device and wipe all the data. It can efficiently detect and block 100% of malware which is known. Besides being a strong contender for Best Antivirus 2019, Kaspersky is also a favorable name among the Best Business antivirus 2018.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection

It is a fast, lightweight antivirus which runs on Windows, Windows Server, MacOS, Virtual Environments. It can be installed on 1-249 workstations, has a standard license period of 1 year and a trial period of 30 days. It needs merely 2 MB disk space for the installation and it scans pretty fast as it works in the cloud. It also has behaviour monitoring, a firewall, and identity and privacy protection. Its cloud console tracks all the installations and its other features propel its name into the list of Best Antivirus 2019.