Backup/Export contacts from Outlook 2016


Backup/Export contacts from Outlook 2016

As we know, Outlook can be used just like any other mailing account. Like any other mailing account, it can store lots of email contacts in it. Moreover, in some cases, we may need to export contacts from Outlook 2016 to some other applications.

There may be various reasons for a user to export contacts from outlook. Like:-

          ⇒     To use those people in another application: – like if we have to send some personal emails using some other program, then we can easily export all the Outlook contact to that program and complete our task quickly.

          ⇒     To use those contacts in mail merge: – like we have to send an invitation mail to 100 contacts, by using mail merge, we can send emails to all 100 contacts in one go after importing it from OUTLOOK. Thus it saves our valuable time.

          ⇒     Can be used to make a backup: – It may happen that due to any possible reasons we may lose our outlook contacts. So in such case, if we have already Exported contacts from Outlook to any other place. There is no loss of losing the friends and clients information from OUTLOOK.

Steps to Export contacts from OUTLOOK 2016 to Desktop: –

If you are an Outlook 2016 desktop version consumer, then you can go through the following steps to export your “Outlook Contacts.”

  • On top left corner of Outlook window, hit on File tab
  • On the blue ribbon, you can find Open & Export option under Info icon.
  • Besides blue ribbon the Open dialog box is present, choose Import/export under Open Outlook Data File.
  • Next window will take you to Import & Export Wizard, and various options are available there. Click on the second option i.e. “Export to a File ”
  • After completing the above steps, press the Next button to proceed further.

Export contacts from Outlook 2016 to a file in 2 different formats.

           √     Comma Separated Values: – if you want to export contact from one application to another application, or into your iPhone or Android phones, then you can choose this option. This format will be useful to export your contacts into Excel files so that you can edit and backup them as per your requirements. People in business and professionals may also use CSV files to import contacts into other Outlook

           √     Outlook Data File(.pst): – You can use this .pst format if you want to export your contacts within different versions of outlook,e., from one outlook account to another outlook account. Moreover, you can use this format to use your Outlook connections in Outlook on another PC.

Continue further with the Following Steps to Backup/Export contacts from Outlook 2016

Choose the file ‘.CSV’ or ‘.PST’, you want to, and continue with pressing the Next button.

  • If you have chosen Comma Separated Values, then follow the following steps: –
  • As you can see that Select folder to export from the box is present there, you will have to select the contacts from there, scroll to the top if needed or if you are unable to locate your contacts.
  • Look for the next button; it should be on the bottom of the page. Please press that button to proceed further.
  • Another window comes before you saying Save exported file as click on browse button to save the location.
  • Give any name to your file and press the OK
  • Confirm the new place for the contacts on your computer, and again press Next button present at the bottom.
  • Lastly, click on Finish to start exporting your contacts immediately. Outlook does not show any message denoting the completion of the process, but the Import and Export process box goes away as soon the export process is complete.
  • Locate the new .csv file on your computer and crosscheck whether all your contacts are available there. If you find lots of empty cells in excel sheet, no need to worry, that is
Note: – we recommend to close the file without saving the changes so as to escape the messing up of data. If somehow data screwed up, you need to run the export process once again and create a new file.
  • As you copied the contact to a .csv file, you can now easily import it wherever needed.
  • If you have chosen Outlook Data File(.pst), then follow the following step:
  • When you decide Outlook data File(.pst), you are taken to the next window saying Select the folder to export contacts from Outlook you can choose any folder from where you want to export the contacts.
  • After choosing the appropriate folder, you can click on next button present at the bottom.
  • In the next window, you can press browse to select the location wherever you want to save your exported contacts.

The three options are available there as: –

  1. Replace duplicate with items exported
  2. Allow duplicate items to create
  3. Do not export duplicate items

Choose any option which is suitable for you.

  • After selecting the appropriate option click on Finish
  • Now you can add any password to your exported as to make it more secure. This phase is optional as its already mentioned.
  • Now your file is safely exported contacts from Outlook 2016 & is ready for further use.


The entire procedure was performed to export the contacts from Outlook 2016 to your computer or third party application, so as to make our work easier and also to make a backup so that we do not loose connections completely if somehow the contacts are deleted from outlook.