The Best Antivirus Software for PC in 2019


Then the manufacturers of anti-virus software (selection), which are exclusively manufacturers, which experience shows that can offer a reasonable, competent support. Another criterion is the speed of updating. The downloads should also be available on various platforms such as antivirus website and other trusted sources. The description of the scope of functions follows the manufacturer’s instructions. If these are not easy to find on the web, I have used generally accessible sources for downloads, for example – without any claim to completeness or 100% correctness of the information. Experience shows that the virus signatures of the following providers are quickly up to date with the defense:

Avira – Antivir mobile is a fairly simple program, also from the operation. The software is available for Symbian and Windows Mobile up to Verion 6.5. A free trial version is available and is available for download from popular websites.

Bit Defender – Mobile Security provides basic protection against viruses. A free trial version is available for download from relevant websites. Supported are the operating systems Symbian and Windows from year of construction 2002. Important: Bit Defender says that the Symbian version is only for Nokia phones in question (the Nokia PC Suite is required). Also, I do not know how far the latest versions of Windows Mobile (6.5+) are supported.

F-Secure – Mobile Security is quite a powerful software available for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android. By means of the so-called browsing protection functions, the software recognizes potentially harmful websites if you want to surf there with the Smarphone. In this case, the antivirus program blocks access. In addition, there are special anti-theft features via GPS, which can also be purchased separately in the Anti-Theft software.

Kaspersky – Mobile Security . The software reliably fends off known viruses. In addition, there are functions to ward off spam SMS. Thanks to the built-in SMS-Location software, a stolen mobile phone from version 9 can be detected. There are also protection features such as password-protected storage of data, age control and a firewall. Kaspersky Mobile Security is available for Windows Mobile and Symbian – Nokia phones. Kaspersky has the most features.

McAfee – Mobile Security is available in a very wide range of products. Above all, carriers, ie telecommunications companies, are addressed. McAfee has products to protect the contents of a smartphone to antivirus software, which can be downloaded from the telco provider immediately on a mobile phone.

Panda also offers technologies that provide networked connectivity between the carrier and the end user.

Symantec – Norton Smartphone Security offers comprehensive protection against viruses and other nuisances on the mobile phone. In addition to a powerful virus scanner, a firewall is available, which prevents Snoopware, for example, from switching on the camera of the mobile phone – practically. There is also a function against spam via SMS. The software is available for Windows Mobile and Symbian and offers a wide range of functions.