Blackice Pc Protection Review


Blackice PC Protection (also known as BlackICE Defender) is no longer available, as the makers IBM Internet Security Systems have announced the End of Life for this anti virus software PC Protection and BlackICE Server Protection (formerly known as BlackICE Defender for Server).  Updates and support were provided up to September 29, 2019.

BlackICE PC Protection was provided by IBM Internet Security Systems it prevented intruders from getting into your computer, which is the main job of a firewall. It did not have the other features which commonly come bundle with security software such as safety from Adware, unwanted cookies, and Trojans

Feature Set

  • Trust or block a visitor features is provided by BlackICE, allowing you to have dynamic blocking depending on time allowing blocking for an hour, a day, a month etc.
  • Strong filtering capability was present in BlackICE. It was possible to specify exact what type and length of a particular rule, and these rules could be customized depending on the port. You could block specific message types from entering or exiting a somewhere on your computer.
  • Powerful logging was provided with BlackICE PC Protection, it was possible to record all the interactions which occurred. This could potential enable tracking of where attacks where coming from for advanced users


  • Not simple to use as other firewalls, although it has a good control panel and the history screen is useful due to its lack of development is has not been simplified as other products have
  • Slow installation when compared with other firewalls. This is because first a decision must be made to turn on Application Protection or not. If this is installed then installation can take much longer.
  • Very reliable in stopping intrusions the computer was in stealth mode when this was installed. The firewall provided protection from Trojans. It did not block referrer information, so it was possible for website to see where a user came from
  • Good application help no more support the documentation in this firewall is top notch. Help is easy to access.


This was a decent firewall, but unfortunately is no longer sold any more so cannot be recommended