Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer Review


The Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer is a wireless printer than creates high quality charts, graphs, text, and photographs. Reasonably priced, it is a good option for small businesses and homes that share a printer on the home network. With so many comparably priced printers on the market, choosing one that will suit your needs may take some time. Let’s have a look at several important features that this Brother HL2270DW printer has to offer so that you can make an informed decision later.

Key Features of the Brother HL2270DW Printer

A popular printer, the Brother HL2270DW has several features that have impressed current owners. Suitable for personal and professional use, learning about the key features helps make the product comparison process easier. The most important features of this printer are:

Easy Set Up
Fast Printing
Toner Saving Mode
Manual Feed Option
Learning about the Brother Printer HL2270DW key features will increase your chances of making the best possible buying choice.

Easy Set Up

The primary reason individuals shopping for a printer are hesitant about buying wireless printers is that they are not sure how easy the set up process will be. Most people are used to the traditional wired printers. Being able to connect a printer through a USB port or other connection port was the feature manufacturers most heavily promoted. The idea of connecting a printer to a wireless home network is still daunting to most shoppers, but the Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer has an easy set up process that utilizes a CD-ROM and detailed quick set up guide. Plus, the printer does have a wired networking option for those who just prefer wired networking to wireless networking.

Fast Printing with the Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer

Once a printer is set up and ready for use, owners want to be able to print their materials quickly. Unlike laser printers and other models, the Brother HL2270DW prints an impressive 27 pages per minute. The fast printing speed makes this model perfect for a business that needs to print out documents on the fly without having to wait several minutes to have the printing of one project completed. It is also a good option for anyone who works from home and needs to print flyers, brochures, or books for promotional purposes without being forced to rely on an expensive professional printing company.

Toner Saving Mode

The largest downside to owning a quality printer is the cost of replacing the toner. There are some high quality machines that have printer ink cartridges that cost more than most printers. Fortunately, the manufacturers of the Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer understand that the average person or business cannot afford to replace expensive toner cartridges every couple of months. The toner saving mode allows you to use less toner on certain documents, drastically extending the life of your cartridge. It is easy to switch between toner modes so you will not have to worry about sacrificing quality on important documents.

Manual Feed Option

In addition to supporting 250 pages of paper in the automatic feed tray, the Brother Printer HL2270DW supports manual paper feeds. A slot located at the back of the printer allows users to manually feed paper for perfect, smear-free, printing of important documents. It is especially important if you are using thick resume paper or other types of printer paper that often getting jammed when going through automatic feed trays.

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What is Included

One Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer
One DR420 Drum Unit
One Starter Toner Cartridge
One AC Power Cord
User’s Manual
Printer Drivers
Quick Set up Guide

Is There a Warranty?

Yes, the Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer comes with a 1 year limited warranty on parts and service. The manufacturer also offers an extended two-year warranty at an extra charge.

Brother Printer HL2270DW

How Customers Feel About the Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer

Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer has gotten great ratings on and is extremely popular among home office owners who know the importance of having a quality printer. People who have purchased this printer are impressed by the quality of the monochrome documents, and how long the toner lasted. The manufacturer claims the toner will print at least 2,600 pages, and several owners said they were able to print even more pages than advertised when they used the toner saving feature. Owners who did not keep track of the toner usage were impressed by how quickly their documents printed, and how convenient the wireless option was for small businesses or families using multiple computers on one wireless network. The majority of the owners of the printer previously depended on inkjets or printers with scanners, but after investing in this monochrome printer they had no desire to go back to their previous models.

Anyone Have Complaints?

Not every person who purchased this printer was 100% happy with their choice. The people who had complaints about the Brother HL2270DW printer were primarily concerned about the life of the toner, and wireless networking. Common problems were the ink quality fading even though the toner appeared to be full, and the wireless signal dropping every few minutes. However, several individuals experiencing toner problems realized they’d purchased the wrong type of toner since several of Brother’s replacement cartridges have similar model numbers. Also, some people experiencing wireless connectivity issues realized the error was caused by their internet service provider or an incorrect initial wireless set up.

The Good and the Bad

Now that there are so many laser printers available on the market, most people base their final decisions on a few key points that jump out to them when they begin comparing models. Even after spending weeks doing consumer research, many purchases are determined entirely by the good and bad points of a product. The good features of this Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer are:

Easy to Use
Fast Printing Speed
Long Toner Life
Wireless Connection
Manual and Automatic Paper Feed

The potential bad features of this printer are:

Confusing Model Numbers
Occasional Wireless Connection Problems

Final Thoughts

Brother HL2270DWLike other comparable high quality monochrome laser printers, this Brother’s produces crisp, clear documents and images in a short period of time. Unlike other monochrome printers, the Brother HL2270DW offers wireless connectivity, making it the perfect option for a business or household that would be inconvenienced by one wired connection to a printer. The easy set up makes this printer a good option for anyone who wants to quickly begin using the printer that they have purchased. The Brother Printer HL2270DW Wireless Monochrome Printer is one model that any serious printer shopper must consider.