Convert Quicken 2014 Mac to Quicken 2015 Windows


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Create a QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) file for import into Quicken for Windows:

  1. In the copy that was created of your file (Conversion Copy), select the File menu and select Export.
  2. Full Export will be selected in the Export Window. This option will convert all accounts, categories, and transactions to Quicken for Windows. If you want to export only part of your file, select the Custom Export option, and then specify what to include in the export.
    Note: In some versions of Quicken for Mac, the option to export online payees is available, but should not be selected because they cannot be imported into Quicken for Windows.
  3. Click the Export button.
  4. In the Save window, name the file Export (.QIF) and save it. For the file to be properly recognized when importing it into Quicken for Windows, it must contain the extension (.QIF) after the filename.
  5. Save the file to any removable media (CD, DVD, USB thumb drive, etc.).


If you continue to encounter an error after completing the above steps, please contact