Convert your Files to QuickBooks® Online


Small businesses are gaining a strong footing ground across the world and in future times, many of these are going to do it much bigger. With the passage of time, the use of QuickBooks online has become one complete solution when it comes to various works in the areas of accounts and finance. One of the most crucial benefit for this is the accessing from anywhere across the world apart from an automatic firewall for all the crucial data that acts as its back up. If you do not have the proper knowledge regarding QuickBooks, you can go for the QuickBooks support from our experts and they will give the answer to your doubts and enquiries.

Despite its heavy popularity, it may not flabbergast you, that there are many small time businesses that are shifting to QuickBooks online from QuickBooks desktop. Earlier, they used to manage books on the latter but things have changed now considerably. When you convert the company data files to QuickBooks online, you will have to be careful about certain important points.

If you are unable to know about these points before going for the process, you can seek an instant technical solution for QuickBooks from us because we are a third party company of repute in this matter. Before going for the conversion process, there are important points to consider as mentioned below:

  • Size of the file: If the size of the file is greater than 200MB, you will have to compress it before its import to QuickBooks online version.
  • Details of the customer: You cannot transfer the following details:

1-         Price level

2-         Tax items

3-         Sales report

4-         Information regarding nature of customer and his behavior

5-         Status of credit

  • Employee’s payroll: Payroll details cannot be put in the online version. This includes rates, filling status etc.
  • Reconciliation:

If there is any reconciliation that is accessible, it is going to vanish. For the solution to this particular problem, you can take the QuickBooks technical support for file conversion.

Previous estimates and purchase orders: in QuickBooks, there is a built in tool available for creating estimates and POs. Do not worry about the items that were already there which did not undergo a transformation.

Data verification:

First go for the authentication of data located in company file. This provides a green signal that there is no technical complication with the file.

 Step 1

For file verification, move to Files> Utilities> Check data

If the problem comes during the verification process, you can call us and take a trusted QuickBooks technical support from us. We will not disappoint you.

 Step 2

Storing the company file in QuickBooks online format

Within the periphery of QuickBooks desktop, you can make the company file replica but this has to have the compatibility with QuickBooks online. You should follow the procedure like:

File> Utilities>Copy Company file for QuickBooks online

The new file that will come up can be saved on desktop. It will further produce new QuickBooks online files having the extension OE.qbw.

Step 3

Transfer of desktop file into QuickBooks online

You can do the import by taking the following route as mentioned:

Company>More> Import QuickBooks desktop data

Before commencing the process of conversion, it is important to know the above mentioned steps. If you feel that there is a technical issue during the time of implementation of the process, then you can simply dial on the toll free number for QuickBooks.