Dial HP Help Number to recover the BIOS of HP Pavilion 20-a200!


Your HP pc stopped rebooting or you are having the problem while rebooting your system which you are not able to deal with? When the BIOS of the system stop working then you get these issues. It can possible that the BIOS of the system has been corrupted automatically or have been corrupted by the virus which is present in your system. It is really important to recover the BIOS because without it the system will not be able to boot into an operating system and then your computer will show a BIOS issue or will show a black screen or will only beep and will not allow you to access the operating system. Many times there is also an emergency tool which recovers it automatically if you download a particular driver to the hard drive. But if it hasn’t been troubleshot automatically then you should get in touch with the experts through HP Help Number. If you want to handle it manually then you have to follow the troubleshooting steps given by our experts.

Instructions to recover the BIOS on your HP PC:

  • Firstly, you are required to turn off your computer.
  • Now you have to press the two keys simultaneously which is Window key and the B key (Window + B).
  • Then, while pressing these keys you have to press the power button to get into the BIOS screen for 2to 3 seconds or until the screen is displayed and it usually comes after 8 beeps.
  • Then the LED light will remain on and the update will start automatically. After that, if the update screen is showing on your pc then follow the next steps otherwise wait for it to appear.
  • After the process is completed you have to click on “continue startup” which will immediately restart the computer.
  • Now a message will appear that the update has been done you have to press “enter”.
  • After that, the operating will show some messages and you have to follow the on-screen instructions to access the pc properly.
  • If the BIOS update screen does not appear then contact experts via HP Support number.

To troubleshoot any issue call on HP Help Number.

If you are not able to recover the system and the update doesn’t start then you should contact experts via HP Help Number toll-free.