Do You Need Bookkeeper Services


You Don’t Have Time! Outsourced Bookkeeping Can Help…

When you accept the fact that bookkeeping isn’t your specialty, it is time to outsource it. Outsourced bookkeeping can help you. Instead of worrying about your books, your number one priority should be growing your business and providing the best service or product to your customers. Why should you spend countless nights trying to process all of your accounting data into a meaningful report or set of books?

By putting this essential task in the hands of our experienced professionals you can always rest assured your data is being handled in a consistent, accurate and timely fashion.

Why Do You Need to Worry About Bookkeeping?

  • Lack of Profitability: How do you know you’re making a profit if you don’t keep track of income and expenses as they occur? A positive bank balance does not equal a profitable business. Without, at minimum a monthly report, it will be difficult to know where your company stands financially. This can lead to a cash flow crunch which could lead to the demise of your otherwise successful business. Not to mention, you will not have the ability to seek financial funding without at least two years of clean financial reports, which may become a necessity when finding yourself in a tough financial situation.
  • Missing Expenses: If you’re like many small business owners, you operate with a shoebox accounting system. Can you be sure all of your business expenses have been captured? Maybe a few receipts never made it into that file. Did you pay for something out of personal finances and forget or lose the receipt? The tax preparer assumes they have all relevant data and will make a set of books out of that. This practice can lead to a business missing out on thousands of dollars of ordinary business expense deductions in addition to the high hourly rate charged by the CPA, EA or tax preparer to create those books. Outsourced bookkeeping services are a good solution.
  • Tax Audits: Every business owner’s worst fear is an IRS Audit. If you still utilize a shoebox accounting system and simply keep piles/files/boxes of accounting data, the probability something will get lost is high.  If you can’t back up the business expenses taken in the tax year being audited, you will be responsible for paying the difference in tax liability along with interest and penalties.

Most importantly why should you spend your valuable time crunching numbers and trying to come up with an accurate set of books? Seeking an outsourced bookkeeping solution allows you to outsource a non-value adding activity and allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

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