Do You Need Bookkeeping Services For A Small Business


We often ask private business owners “is running your business getting in the way of running your business?”

You’re in business because you know what you do and you do it well, and the behind the scenes bookkeeping isn’t it. Allow us to take over such tedious tasks and free up your time to focus on what is important: running your business.

Are you a frustrated private business owner because you cannot get accurate numbers that reflect your business activity?

Let us help you.  An accurate financial snapshot of your company is  critical to your strategic planning. 50% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years due to inaccurate forecasting and understanding of their financial well being. Our experienced team knows what you’re up against from audits to budgeting and we use proven processes that will help you get back on track towards profitable operations.


Are you a private business owner who has relied on your spouse to make sense of your financial activity?

Due to the sensitive nature of bookkeeping responsibilities, many individuals’ first instinct is to fill the position with someone trusted such as a spouse. However the software is just that, software – the expertise necessary to properly implement the software does not come in the box. When a spouse takes control of the bookkeeping responsibilities, factors such as the kids, the home life, or the in-laws may get in the way and suddenly your books are months behind.


Are you a private business owner with lovable, under qualified staff?

You have two options:

1) complete outsourcing of your bookkeeping tasks


2) qualified, professional assistance

We can either completely take over your bookkeeping or you can choose various tasks to delegate to us to ensure proper processing. Once you’ve signed up as our client we’re only a phone call or email away!


Have you relied on unqualified professional advice?

Have you relied on advice from trusted friends or family? Taking bookkeeping advice from someone lacking the experience and qualifications may lead to unnecessary complications. Simply purchasing a bookkeeping software does not make one an expert. Individuals still should seek out professional guidance to ensure accurate bookkeeping practices. No matter how large or small the organization, we can offer guidance and support.

Do you have problems interpreting your financial results?

If you don’t have a background in accounting or finance interpreting financial results may be overwhelming. Simply ask us for a remote session and we can walk you through the reports and break them into easy to understand pieces.

Does this sound like someone you know?

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