Firewall Software For Windows 7

Looking for free firewall software for windows 7? Below you can find all the different types of free firewall that are available. As well as the Windows 7 in built firewall. There has been a large consolidation in the free firewall market, as the latest versions of windows now ship with a stronger firewall.


  • ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall
  • Ashampoo FireWall Free Version
  • Blink Personal Edition
  • Comodo Firewall
  • Outpost Firewall
  • PC Tools Firewall Plus
  • Sunbelt Personal Firewall Version (acquired Kerio firewall)
  • Online Armor Firewall
  • VirusBuster Internet Security Suite
  • Windows 7 Firewall Control

Comodo firewall

Score 5/5

Comodo firewall is bundled with comodo antivirus into a software package called Comodo Internet Security. It contains Default Deny Protection technology, to stop malware in its tracks. This means that it lets applications access the pc as long as the app is not on a blacklist of known malware. Comodo also has an extensive white list of safe applications. Comodo is continually updated and has almost 3 million apps in the safe list. DNS protection is included as standard, this makes sure that urls which are visited are safe, a toolbar is also included as standard giving new ways to surf the web. Comodo currently supports 15 alternate languages. It also free of course.

Comodo suite aims to help more people. This can be annoying if you only wanted the firewall, however on install it is possible to only install the firewall. Also on install Comodo SafeSearch and the toolbar are also optionally installed. Make sure to pay attention while installing and uncheck these options if you do not want these. Once install occurs a reboot is required.

With respect to the performance of your pc it is hardly impacted at all. There are many different options for user configuration but the default settings should be enough for a beginner user. You will generally not realise that it is running with it running silently in the background. The firewall software will be visible when an application is attempting to connect to your computer or connect in an outbound fashion, in that case you will be alerted with an appropriate action. You should only need to do this once per application

The user interface is friendly with a simple white color scheme, and simple navigation to each particular section to check on the performance of the firewall. Thje user can turn on or off automatic scans of downloads, managing and quarantining suspect executables. The scans completed in a decent time but did not go as an exceptional speed.

The third pane is called Defense+, provides an advanced set of options this has locking down of a specific set of files to stop modification, and seeing the active list of processes and registry key protection.

Zone Alarm Basic Firewall

Score 4/5

Zone Alarm Basic Firewall is a simple firewall application, Zonealarm does a good job of keeping your computer secure from malware. It contains simple wizard to make configure the firewall quickly, making a potentially tricky task a breeze. Maintaining and tweaking settings is also simple with the slick interface and its basic slider controls interface. The application has a conecept of zones which lets your have different security levels for different network environment e.g. local and internet. It also contains a game more, which is also called an entertainment mode in other products, this suppresses alert messages if you are in the middle of a game. All in ZoneAlarm was good at automatically configuring to allow network access.

PC Tools Firewall Plus

Score 4/5

Firewall Plus is designed to be used users who are not experts. It provides an intuitive interface which is helpful with users who just want to secure their pc and not worry about the technical jargon. The software is developed by PC Tools, who also created Spyware Doctor. Although this software is free it does require your to register on PC Tools website, to activate the software.

The interface is clean and uncluttered. Everything is configurable, so that setup of the necessary rules for protection can be set up in a few minutes. Unfortunately it is not possible to force an application to only use a certain set of ports, and if it opens another set of ports you will not be notified. This means that although the software should be ok, for certain basic users who are not installing software regularly, for other more power users it is potentially better to go for a more full proof system.