Fix Outlook is Not Working for Hotmail


Hotmail is also one of the best email service provider after Gmail. Hotmail come’s with many feature such as calendar, Office, excel, power-point etc.Please follow the given steps to solve Hotmail not working problem’s with Outlook.

  1. Open your outlook
  2. Then Please Go To Tool’s.
  3. Under Tool’s you will see an option with the name of Email-Account’s.
  4. Click on your that then you will see an option setting’s wizard.
  5. Please click on that and Select view or change existing email account’s.
  6.  Then from the list Select your Hotmail Email and then click on change.
  7. Then check your Yahoo email setting’s such as Hotmail email password & Hotmail User name is correct.
  8. You can also click on More Setting’s and check your Hotmail incoming or Outgoing server is properly connected or not with secure SSL.
  9. Then Go back to your home page and click on Test Account.
  10. If everything is working fine than you will not getting error’s on it.

That’s How you can easily fix Hotmail connection problem’s. After testing if you are still getting same problem then recheck your setting’s again otherwise please contact our customer service team for help.

If you are still facing any problem while using Microsoft Outlook then you can contact Microsoft Customer Service & Contact Number on the given information below.

Microsoft Support Link :

Microsoft Support community is the best source to find solution for all Microsoft Support related Problem’s. After reading our article if you still do not know How can you fix such problem’s then Microsoft Support Community is the best way for problem’s.