Get Tips on How to Enter Fixed Assets in QuickBooks


If you run a small business and have several fixed assets with a long-lasting worth, it is necessary to manage them with an accurate accounting software tool so as to track them accurately. But it is not an easy job for an accountant to keep tracks of the fixed assets with no technical error in any way. But when it is managed through an accounting software suite, the task turns to be convenient and flawless in all conditions.

Fixed assets are those objects, which you can’t instantly calculate as expenditure when purchased. The assets consist of vehicles, furniture, machineries, and others.

Calculating the assets are complicated because of two key reasons – usually, you must devalue fixed assets, and it is necessary for you to trace the dumping of the fixed asset at the time when it is accomplished.

Bookkeeping for the procuring of a fixed asset is rather simple; provided you have adopted an accurate accounting tool. QuickBooks accounting software offers an amazing and interesting feature to make it happen with increased correctness.

In some cases, the users have encountered some sorts of technical errors while accounting the worth of fixed assets. If you face any technical obstacles in the way, you would better reach out to the best technician. Intuit QuickBooks support service phone number gets you tips on how to book fixed assets in QuickBooks.

Here is how you can simplify the accounting of fixed assets using your QuickBooks:

  • Add items to the fixed asset list

To add the fixed assets whatsoever you have, QuickBooks allows you to go through: Select Lists→Fixed Asset Item List to show the Fixed Asset list.

  • Command QuickBooks to add an item to the Fixed Asset list

In the Fixed Asset wizard, you have to add new items by clicking New Item window.

  • Choose the suitable fixed asset account

From the Asset Account list, you have to choose the fixed asset account wherein the item that you are planning to add should be placed. QuickBooks offers a number of accounts at once, but you have to choose only those that relate to your fixed assets. While processing the step, you may come across some technical problems but don’t get worried; go to the Intuit QuickBooks customer service support that gives you instant online help and support with QuickBooks tips on accounting.

  • Specify the assets

To make it more understandable, you have to specify the item – whether it is new or used by the company. And once the process ends, you can save the changes that you have made.

Remember, QuickBooks allows you to amend the list of fixed assets in future if you require. So, keep on maintaining the fixed assets accounting with the help of advanced QuickBooks accounting software.