Guidelines To Repair The Firewall Problems In Windows

All Windows operating systems feature a security option called Windows Firewall. This is a very important security feature that protects your computer from various security threats. In this era of Internet and technology, data theft and misuse is becoming a common problem in the industry. As such, protecting sensitive information is a challenge, and should be carried out with precision. Windows 7 help and support experts recommend you turn on this feature at all times to make certain that you have maximum security. You can prevent unauthorized access to your computer with this feature.
But the bad news is, even the Windows Firewall would encounter issues and problems. Users around the globe report problems related to firewall. The startup issues are among the common ones. The Firewall would not load during the computer startup. A red icon is displayed in the notification area of the OS. This will be marked as At Risk. If you click on this button, you can see an error message stating that the computer cannot access Windows firewall. However, you can fix this problem very easily.

Windows 7 help and support to fix firewall

  • To begin with, you need to select the button labeled Start. If you have trouble finding it, this is located at the bottom left corner of the desktop.


 Windows 7 help to solve issues

  • From the list of options, you need to select the button labeled Run. The run box is displayed immediately. For Windows 7 users, simply press the R key and hold down the Windows key.
  • Enter the command mscand select the button labeled OK. From the list of services, you need to select the link labeled Microsoft Protection Service.
  • You need to locate the section labeled Startup Typeand click on the button labeled Automatic.
  • There is another alternative to perform this operation. Select the button labeled startand navigate to the Run You need to enter the command appwiz.cpl.
  • Now click on the button labeled OK. A list of options will be displayed. You need to select any third party Firewall programs from this list. Now click on the button labeled Remove.
  • You can also use certain specific commands in the runbox to perform this. For instance, you can use Net stop MSFWSVC or Net stop MSFWHLPR. Now hit the OK

This is how you repair the Firewall issues in Windows. Get in touch with the tech team if you can’t complete the procedure by yourself.