How To Activate Quicken Membership ?


A financial accounting software, ‘QUICKEN’ is recognized for its notable features and services. The product of Intuit is in limelight because of the contribution that it has made to the business world. The application has various versions present in the market that caters to the needs of the different segment of people. The user may pick any suitable subscription plan in order to use features of Quicken.The type of subscription and period may be chosen as per one’s budget and requirements. If you want to purchase any of the Quicken releases, you need to go to Quicken’s official site and log in with your user Id. In case, you are new to it, to create a new Id. The Id connects you with Quicken Inc.The Id of the user is necessary to activate subscription for their Quicken product. In contrast to this, activation key is not required at all.

Go through below-described steps to Activate Quicken Membership :

In case, you purchase it from

  • First of all, install Quicken from the app store and launch it on your device
  • Follow the guidelines and give consent to essential permissions for installation
  • Log in with your Quicken id and password (that you created earlier)
  • Once you are done with it, your Quicken product is now ready to use

Using a boxed version:

  • First, install Quicken and run the program on your device
  • Next, create a new ID by following the instructions appearing on your screen
  • To start the process, choose Begin activation option
  • Now, you require an activation code, use 16-code activation code. Check the code under the box of the CD
  • After then, confirm your email address
  • Press ‘Continue’ after adding the activation code
  • Quicken is now activated on your device

Now, you are free to use Quicken product anytime just by logging in with your Quicken credentials.Quicken enables you to connect your desktop version with your mobile phone. As you activate it, you may use it on your phone to look at transactions and details, but you will have limited authorities.It can be done right after the activation. If you don’t want to sync it with your mobile, you may skip the step.

Note: If you get stuck at any point after activating Quicken, or the password you mentioned for your Quicken a/c is not allowing you to access your a/c, the password I will be recovered by using the forgot password link.Or you may get full-fledged help at: The users often feel the need of a helping hand when it comes to activation. For this, they may call at ‘Quicken Support Phone Number’, to get instant solution for their problems. The users may also reach here via email or live chat.
Here, 24*7 support is available, so that you can take benefit of all the features of Quicken release that you have subscribed for. Our helpline numbers are accessible from all around the world. For any query related to signing-in, Quicken id, and password or activation code, immediately come to our help-desk. Avoid applying
your tricks, as it may put you in more trouble.You may also get help through Quicken Support Chat.