How to Avoid Your Email Going into Spam Folder


You may have notice that there are many mails go into spam folder making difficult for you to find important mails. Sometimes you keep checking or refreshing for any particular mail but it falls into spam folder wasting your time. Actually, all email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook have their own criteria or techniques to filter the spam mails.

Spam filtering becomes frustrating when you get important mails in the junk folder. In spam folder there are bulk of marketing mails and junk messages making difficult for you to find the important one. But here below you can find how to stop emails going into spam folders.

Avoid Sending the Mails for Yourself

When you send a mail from a mail an Id to the same id, you will definitely get the mail but there are higher chances of going into spam folder. Due to same sender and receiver id this happens, hence, avoid sending such mails, always use different mail ids. Gmail users can take Gmail support to avoid mails going into the spam folder.

Avoid Using Free Email Address for official messages

If you are using or, for promotional activities, then there are is possibility to go such mails into the spam folder of the receiver. So, while sending mails for official purpose avoid this, and always prefer to use email address assigned by a company with the domain name of the organization or company. Hotmail users can control spam mails with the help of Hotmail support available online.

Use Different Subjects to Send Promotional Mails

If you are sending mails for promotional activities or using the same mail again and again for different group of people, they will be drop directly into spam folder. Mail service provider filter such mails through subject contents, hence, always use different subject names to avoid going your mail into spam folder or into junk box. Yahoo mail users can take help from yahoo mail support to adjust spam mail filter settings.

Avoid using HTML, Java Script Coding or Video Attachment

Mails containing HTML or Java script coding into mail body, such mails are easily filtered into spam folder. And mails containing videos or links to other unreliable web pages also move into spam folder. Hence, avoid using coding or attaching such erratic web links into your mail body to avoid going your mail into spam folder. Windows live mail users can solve spam mail related issue with the help of windows live mail support.