How to Block Spam Emails in Outlook 2016?


Outlook is a popular Email service offered for Mac, Android and Windows users in terms of sending and receiving mails. It is launched with various features that have made the task easier than before. This tools runs error free but there could be some situations where minor mistakes can cause problems and uses may try to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Some of the issues are listed here like Configuration problem, Spam and Junk Mail Removal, Change or Reset Password, Set-up auto reply customize issues, Account blocked or not verified and IMAP, POP & SMTP Configuration concern, Create New and Customize concern, Scan Mails for Cyber threats, Password Recovery, Configure Multiple Mail etc and all these concern may be solved at just a single click.

So, the users willing to block spam emails in Outlook 2016 they are just a step far away from the world’s best technical support who solve tackle problem via Remote Access Technology method at a very low fare of service charge with accurate and suitable solutions with full customer satisfaction. The service cost is only chargeable if the problem is fixed completely as per the user’s choice.


The methods to troubleshoot the issue as stop spam emails in Outlook 2016 has been given here by the tech specialist so that the visitors can follow the steps and get rid out of such problem but if it won’t work then call for outlook support to know how to block spam emails Outlook 2016.

Here are the ways to fix the Spam Mails in Outlook 2016:

The users can follow the tips mentioned here to block spam emails in Outlook:

Method 1: Outlook’s Block Sender feature

  • Search for the spam mail and
  • Then need to select the spam email found
  • After this make a right-click and select the Junk files from the drop menu,
  • At last need to click on the Block Sender tab.

Method 2: Use Block Sender list

If users are getting Emails from a single company or organization, such as, etc then adds these addresses to the Block Sender List. For this just follows the steps:

  • Firstly go to the Home page
  • Then click over the Junk option and hit the “Junk Email” option
  • And now, click the Blocked Senders tab
  • At last, click on “Add” button and enter a country code, a group domain, or a even a fake company

Method 3: Perform the Outlook “Create Rules” feature

Outlook has various features unknown and one of them is Create Rules which allows managing the Emails.

Method 4: Rules Wizard

It is an advance option of Outlook which provides the feature to create the a rule to automatically kills the spam attacks.

Method 5: Always check the Spam Folder

Outlook users are required to keep on checking the Spam Folder at regular interval and delete the unnecessary emails from that folder.

If the same concern followed after going with the above steps then users are required to dial Outlook email customer support phone number where the best certified technicians are available to fix the customer’s Outlook issue. This helpline number is available all over the year nonstop in US and Canada states. So, feel free to reach the world class Outlook tech support.