How to Contact the Customer Support from HP


In this guide, we explain how to contact HP customer support through Hp toll-free number and other tools provided by the company. HP is a famous and respected US company specializing in IT products, software, and hardware, including personal computers, servers, and printers.

To meet the consumers and facilitate contact with the company, if this is any problem, HP offers its users a set of tools by which you can get the information you need by customer service.

How to talk to an operator via the phone number HP?

If you need you can help and support on Unix servers, networking products, OpenView Data Protector, personal computer business, corporate monitors, printers for professional use, workstations, desktops,  and laptops, excluding desktop series and laptop, use the telephone number.

If you have the need to get help for products such as personal computers and laptops, for personal printers and monitors for home, you have to dial HP Customer Service.

You should also remember that the two numbers, available for callers from Italy, can only be used after purchasing an HP product, regardless of whether the product is under warranty or not.

If you’re a business customer and require assistance for companies, then it is the number to dial. An HP operator will be available for any clarification.

How to contact HP customer service via the official website?

  • Another way to contact HP Support is to connect to the official website where there is a section dedicated to customer service.
  • Through this section, you can check the status of a product sent to care simply by entering your email address or serial number.
  • The site also allows you to contact the company for assistance in relation to a particular product.
  • To do this, just enter the number of the device in the customer support section and start the search.
  • It will open in this way a page where there is a form to fill out with your own information and information about the problem.
  • If you have the need to download the driver for a particular device, you can use this page.

How to contact HP customer service through social networks?

HP is also available on the social network.

Particularly useful are the pages of the company on Facebook and Twitter, through which you can keep up to date with respect to proposed new products. The HP Toll-Free Number turns out to be pretty easy to contact.

Through the website, you can also access the online store, where you can buy original spare parts and certified HP.

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