How to Cool Down Your HP Laptop in Summers?


The temperature is rising in summers also increasing the temperature of computers and laptops with the risk of overheating of device that can affect internal parts or system performance. And during summers, laptops and other similar devices become hotter in normal use.

Though, to cool down the temperature a small fan is installed that exhaust the heat and keeps your computer run nonstop without facing any technical issue. But below you can follow few tips that you help you to cool down the temperature of your HP laptop.

Free-flow of Air by Keeping at Right Surface

Keeping laptop at various places, especially on couch, bed, pillow and other clothing materials block air flow through vents causing overheating of laptop. Hence, always keep your laptop at flat surface like wood or glass table and away from walls to allow proper airflow. If fan is not working properly, you can take HP technical support.

Keep Your Laptop Clean and Dust-free

Dust collected around the vents and window of fan outlet blocks air to come out from laptop inside. And it is very important to keep the processor of your laptop cool down, because processor when is use, release enormous amount of heat. Therefore, always clean your laptop and keep dust-free to ensure the air flow uninterruptedly.

Add More Fans or Update the Existing

Besides, these precautionary measures, you should also check the hardware components. And if your laptop is overheating, then either replace the existing one or add more fans to enhance the air flow. And if you face any kind of technical issue due to nonworking or fan or overheating of laptop, you can contact to HP laptop technical support phone number and get a quick online assistance with back-to-back online solution at low cost.

Use Water Cooling Kit to Cool Down the Heat

If the temperature of your laptop is overheating beyond the recommended level, you should use the water cooling kit that helps to bring the temperature and protect your laptop from freezing, restart or hang like problems. This cooling kit is very useful, especially in summers and would be very suitable for high-end computer machines work at high capacity processor with extra work load or host servers and other IT services.