QuickBooks accounting software comes with advance features to keep record of all types of transactions including daily billings, and other invoicing. You can generate full invoice and estimate invoice at various stage before final billing. With QuickBooks you can turn on progress invoicing that helps to create invoice for part of an estimate even without reaching at full billing.

QuickBooks gives options to choose the invoicing at various perchance as per the item listed in certain category. With progress invoice you can show on the invoice how much estimate billed you have generated to a customer. Here step-by-step process has been explained that will tell you how to create a progress invoice on your QuickBooks software.

Step1: Go to menu and click Customers to open Create Invoices. After that select the Customer:Job from drop down list and click a Jab.

Step2: As you have created one or more estimates for the job, a separate window opens where you have to select the estimate you are looking to create a progress invoice for customers.

Step3: Here you need just select the estimate and click on OK button, and when the Create Progress Invoice Based on Estimate window comes just select how you want to create the invoice on QuickBooks.

Step4: Before you press ok, make your selection on basis of type of contract with the customers. Here if you need assistance you can ask for QuickBooks help or use Help button on this window if you need any more information about invoicing options.

Step5: Here if you see window showing Specify Invoice Amounts for Items on Estimate, enter the amount, percentage, quantity and/or rate payable against each item you want to list on the invoice and in the last click ok button.

Step6: Now click the Print tab from the drop-down arrow and if you want to see the Preview, click preview option on Create Invoices window to view how it appears. Click print, though QuickBooks the printed copy of invoice looks different than the screen version.

Step7: If you got the invoice with the satisfied format click Save & Close and this invoice will be automatically added into your Accounts Receivable side of accounting book.

These are the simple steps for creating a process invoice in QuickBooks. In fact, estimates provide a best option to adjust your bookkeeping and keep your customers informed about proximate cost. If you need any help for invoicing related issues you can call at QuickBooks customer support number and get quick online assistance by experts to help your remotely.