How To Create Backup Or Restore Quicken Data?


To deal with the regular issues, reliable and continuous support is the user’s first demand.However, many of the software are not strong to handle queries. QUICKEN, by far, is the best accounting tool for managing user’s issues.Having an easy-to-use interface, it helps users to manage their money from any corner of the world (via its mobile app). Data Access Guarantee and 256-bit encryption security is also offered. Besides this, backup of Quicken Data is also essential, otherwise, it may create a problem. Quicken is best for accounting, here’s how:

  • Make use of Free Tax Help
  • Pay for Financial Software
  • Get benefits of Online Records
  • Keep Diligent Files
  • Be your own Accountant
  • Digital Invoices are provided
  • Automated tasks
  • Helps to reduce costs
  • Worldwide accessibility

Why there is a need to Restore your Data?

Quicken deals with your financial information that includes:

  • Reports
  • Passwords
  • Accounts
  • Attachments

Through Backup, you can keep your data preserve in the event of computer failure or while moving the data from one pc to another.

Convenient Steps To Restore / Backup Data For Mac:

Step 1: Backup in Quicken for Mac:

  • Start by opening File > Save a Backup
  • After then, to save this file select place on your Mac. It can be saved on any      location or your desired place.
  • Press ‘Save’ option.

Note: Quicken backup file contain extension .quicken2017backup or .quickenbackup.

Step 2: Backup to USB thumb drive, CD, DVD, etc:

  • First of all, choose File > Save a Backup
  • Save your file in Mac at the place of your choice. Also, save it to flash drive by  selecting it in the drop-down.
  • Press Save option.

Step 3: Restore Quicken Data:

  • Select the file > Restore from Backup.
  • Look in your pc or external media to search the backup file you wish to restore.

Note:Backup file extension are.quyicken2017backup or .quivcckenbackup

  • Next, make a click on file restore.
  • Tap ‘Choose’ after then.

Step 4: Restore an automatic backup:

Having copies of your program files, the accounting tool stores five of them in a BACKUP folder. If your backup created files are damaged, you are able to restore an automatic backup and can prevent your data.To confirm, your automatic backups are turned ON:

  • Go to Quicken > Preferences
  • Here, you will see file backup at the bottom
  • Now, see the mark next to Automatically backup data file
  • Backup folder button present there links directly to your BACKUP folder.

Restore an Automatic Backup:

  • Go to File > Restore from Backup.
  • Then move to Quicken > Backups > Automatic > Backups , Select Automatic backup.
  • Pick the file you wish to restore.
  • Tap Choose option.

Step 5: Backup Using Dropbox For Windows:

Step 1: Backup in Quicken For Windows

 For this, move to file > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken File.
– Two options will be there for backing up your data:
1. You may back up to your pc or an External drive.
2. Dropbox can be used.

– To help identify your current backup, put a check next to add data to the backup file name.
– Quicken will show the saved file location.
– Go for Backup Now option.

Step 2: Backup to USB thumb drive, CD, DVD etc:

  • First, place CD/DVD, that you want to use for backup.
  • Open Quicken, after then.
  • Now, go to File > Backup or Restore > Backup Quicken File.
  • Select the option saying ‘Backup on my computer or hard drive’.
  • To begin the backup process, please click on Backup.

Step 3: Restore Quicken Data:

  • For this, Move to file > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File.
  • Now select Restore your backup.
  • Click on Browse.
  • Now, browse your pc to find the backup files you like to restore.
  • Select the file and click Open followed by clicking Restore Backup.
  • When a copy is created, you need to choose the location to save it. After then,   give  the copy a different file name. Press ‘Save’ button. After that, hit Yes to open the restored file.
  • To overwrite the file, click the OK button. Press Yes to open a restored file.

Step 4: Restore an Automatic Backup:

Quicken contain a copy of your program files and stores five of them in a BACKUP folder. In the event, if backup created files are lost, you can restore an automatic backup and save your data.Check if automatic backups are turned ON:

  • In Quicken, go to Edit > Preferences.
  • Next, select Backup by Under Setup on the left.
  • Please see the mark i.e next to Automatically backup data file.
  • The backup folder available there links directly to your BACKUP folder.
  • Choose to back up your data file after running the application X times.
  • Afterwards, select how many backup data files you want to save.

Restore an Automatic Backup:

  • Pick File > Backup and Restore > Restore from the Backup file.
  • Then, select Restore from automatic backups
  • Now, choose the file to restore.
  • Make a click on Restore Backup.
  • You will be provided with the option to overwrite the file you have opened.
  • To Create a copy, first, choose the location and give a different and unique name to file. It should be so because many files in the system contain the same name and may lead to confusion. After choosing name and location, press Save. To open the restored file, hit ‘Yes’.
  • To restore the file over the current file, overwrite the file and press save option.

Step 5: Backup Using Dropbox.

Still, having any query, Quicken Support Chat is always there for you.