How to Delete Temp Files from Outlook 2010?


Smartest way to Remove Outlook 2010 Temp Files

On every version of Outlook, a special type of folder called Temporary Internet Files stores multiple copies of attachments received with email. After receiving any email with attachment, if you try to open it, Outlook places a copy of the attachment in the directory named ‘Temporary Internet Files’ for precautionary measure. It also creates a registry entry about the location of the Outlook temporary folder when used for the first time. As those files are saved I the hard drive, one can see those information easily after accessing your computer. To protect your personal information on Outlook 2010, you should remove them after use. But, it is not less than brain surgery for a novice user. If you need to know how to delete temp files from Outlook 2010, you are in right place. You can use Remo MORE software to perform this operation with ease.

Temp files are stored in the Outlook Temporary Internet Files directory through different operations. Due to frequent use of Outlook, many types of files are saved in this folder temporarily and are automatically deleted after use.  For example, if you open any document attached with the received email, a copy of the file is saved in this directory and it keeps track of all changes you performed on it. After closing that document, the temporary copy will be deleted automatically. But, in some situation that temporary copy does not deleted due to some unexpected problems like power failure and improper termination of Outlook. If those files remains in that folder, after a long time a large amount of memory space is occupied by it. Then, you can delete temp files from Outlook 2010 or other version using this Remo MORE tool.

Deletion of temporary files is also needed to maintain privacy of vital information. Many times, we send and receive several private and confidential information that cannot be disclosed to others. But simple deletion of data is not sufficient to achieve the required security. In that case, you should use this prominent application to delete temp files from Outlook 2010. However, it is possible to delete those files manually, but to perform it, you should know the location of Temporary Internet Files directory. If you are unable to find that folder on Outlook, this application will be suitable option for you.

Employing this Remo MORE software, you can delete temporary files on different versions of Outlook in just few minutes. This application is designed with easy user interface so that any novice user can perform this operation without any difficulty. You can use this software to delete temp files from Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and other versions. It is the only application compatible with different versions of Windows operating system like Windows Xp, Vista, 7 etc to clear temp files on Outlook. One can also use this application to remove junk files from Outlook as well as from the hard disk of computer.

Easy steps to Delete Temp Files from Outlook 2010:

Step 1:Download & install this Remo MORE software on your computer. Then, launch the tool and select “Privacy Cleaner” option under “Optimize” tab.

How to Delete Temp Files from Outlook 2010 - Home Window

Figure 1: Home Window

Step 2: After that, you need to select “Windows Temp Files” to clear Outlook temp files. Then click on Scan button to start scanning process.

How to Delete Temp Files from Outlook 2010 - Choose Items

Figure 2: Choose Items

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, you will get the information about cleaned data.

How to Delete Temp Files from Outlook 2010 - Summary of Cleaning Process

Figure 3: Summary of Cleaning Process