How To Disable Firewall On Windows


There may be a reason you need to disable the firewall on Windows. This could be because you need to have someone remotely connect to your pc with software such as vnc, or other remote viewing software, of if you wish to install your own firewall software

Steps to disable firewall on Windows

    1. Click Start
    1. Click the Control Panel
    1. Goto the Windows Firewall
    1. Select the option “Off (not recommended)”

Steps to disable firewall on Windows

    1. Press Start
    1. Goto Control Panel
    1. Activate Network Connections
    1. Find the connection you wish to remove the firewall on
    1. Go to properties then advanced tab
    1. In the advanced tab you will find the Internet Connection Firewall
    1. Remove the check from “Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet”

What is the Windows firewall?

The firewall acts as a barrier to traffic coming from the Internet. If someone tries to connect to your computer you get what is called an “unsolicited request.” this request will be blocked by the Windows Firewall. If you run a program such as a networked game windows firewall will ask you whether you want to unblock access for this application. If you do unblock it then the game can then communicate with the Internet. This is kept in the firewall in the form of an exception list, that way you do not get bothered every single time you run the applications.

Although it is possible to run your machine with Windows firewall disabled it is not advisable to run it in this mode long term as it can increase the likelihood that your machine is compromised via malware, it is safe to disable Windows Firewall if you have another security package which also contains a Firewall in which case the Windows one becomes redundant, and also they may conflict if both are turned on at the same time.