How to Fix Blue Screen Errors

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What is Blue Screen Error?

The blue screen error is officially called Stop Error. It appears when a critical error is encountered by any of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Such error causes the Operating System to cease function or crash. Since the screen color changes to blue, it is known as blue screen error. These errors are related to hardware or driver problems. The system stops responding in order to protect the data in the hardware. It is basically occurs due to damage to your Operating System.

Just rebooting your computer won’t fix the Windows blue screen error. In order to fix the blue screen, you should first identify the nature of the error. Only then, you can troubleshoot to fix the blue screen. In case your system is rebooting instantly after you are receiving the blue screen; start your system in safe mode and continue with the steps below:

  • Go to Desktop
  • Then right click on My Computer
  • Choose Properties from the drop down menu
  • Go to System Properties
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Then choose Settings under Startup and Recovery
  • Then uncheck the box for auto Windows start up
  • Then click Ok

Now, you need to identify the blue screen. Find whether there is a line with capital letters and underscores (in place of spaces) and jot down the information. In case you are unable to find any such line, skip this step.

Next, you need to gather information regarding the error. Note down the technical information part of the error message. Alternatively, you can note down first part of the data after “STOP:” and the part above the error.

Then, note down the address and the file from the technical information (if it is displayed in the error notification). Once the error is identified, you can troubleshoot the issue.

In case of Vista blue screen error, the system will show you a dialogue box to check for a solution to this problem. You can also go to the Startup repair section of Windows Vista in order to for fix blue screen error.

However, if you are not accustomed with the technical patois, you should resort to professional help.

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