How To Fix HP Wireless Printer Problems


HP (Hewlett-Packard) printers are one of the most popular printers in the market. There are huge number of people who are using HP Printers at home and offices. Hewlett-Packard offers a wide range of printers with vibrant features and a lot people are using it to fulfill their different needs. HP printers offer durability, quality prints and various features which make it most demanding in the market.

Most of the users are satisfied with HP Printer’s performance but sometime it generates software and technical problems. To solve the printer problem, the users need HP Printer Support. So, if you are also facing HP Printer Problems and thinking How To Contact HP Printer Support, then just scroll down the page and you will be able to get the Hewlett Packard Contact Support with other useful information.

Here we will discuss the common problems that you may face while using the HP Printers and give you their solutions so that you can easily solve some issues at your end. With this, we will also share Hewlett Packard Printer Contact Number.

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The common problems that can be faced by people while using the Hewlett-Packard Printers are given below:


Reason: This error indicates “Supplies Memory Error”. The reason behind this error could be depended on the printer’s model.

Solution: If your printer is showing Error Code 10 then you need to shut down the printer and turn it on to reset the memory and power settings. Hopefully this would fix your problem, if the problem persists then dial HP Printers Customer Service Number.


Reason: The Paper jamming is one of the most common problems of all printer brands and models. There can be various reasons behind of paper jamming like torn paper bits, wrong selection of the paper tray, wrong selection of paper type, loose paper roller, lint of dust etc.

Solution: If you are facing paper jamming problem then you are required to look carefully inside and outside of the paper tray. If you find bit of papers stuck in the paper tray, remove them. After that, make sure that the paper tray has the right paper type mentioned in the printer properties and if it is not then the printer will surely experience the paper jamming problem.  If the problem exists, use HP Printer Contact Number.

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Reason: The error code 69.x indicates a temporary printer glitch.

Solution: If the printer is showing error code 69.x then you need to turn off the printer and wait for 05 minutes. Then turn on your printer. It will reset the software configuration and power settings and will fix the error. If the problem doesn’t solve, then feel free to use HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number.


Reason: Windows selecting a default printer by itself could be the reason behind this error.

Solution:  You need to go to the Devices and Printers section and then find out Printer and Faxes. Thereafter choose Set As Default Printer option. Restart the computer and printer. If you are not being able to solve the issue, contact Hewlett-Packard Customer Care.


Reason: Ghosting is that problem in which images print properly but a much lighter copy of the image also prints somewhere else. This problem could be generated due to power outlet that is supplying power to the printer.

Solution: First of all check out the power outlet by plugging it into the different printer. After that, check out if the printer is giving the same results or not. By changing the power outlets, issue could be solved but if you get the same result then you can contact Hewlett Packard Printer Customer Support Number.


Reason: If your printer is showing Error Code 12, it means the Printer is open or there is no cartridge in the printer.

Solution: You need to close the top cover of your HP Printer properly and also verify that the holder switch is fixed up strongly. Maybe after this your problem will sort out. If it is not solved then check out the cooling fan, toner cartridge and PS5 sensors. If you can’t find out the problem in cooling fan, toner cartridge and PS5 sensors and need assistance, feel free to contact Hewlett-Packard Printer Support.

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Reason: Sometime your default printer setting may not let you print the page having substantial text amount. You can also face problem when reducing the text on a sheet. This problem could be generated due to the default printer settings.

Solution: To solve this problem, go to the control panel and find out Printer Properties. Then change the printer settings and put more pages for every sheet. After changing the setting, press the Ok Button. The Settings may be different according to the printer model, so for assistance you can contact Hewlett Packard Printer Customer Service Number.


Reason: If you are getting Error Code 21, it indicates Print Overrun. This problem could be produced due to the complex printable data.

Solution: Hit the Go button for starting the printing. You also need to set the Page Protect value to Auto. Hopefully this will fix the problem. If the problem remains then use HP Contact Support Phone Number 1800-624-4491.

Get The HP Contact Support

Offering the top quality customer service is the first things hovers in the mind of the today’s entrepreneurs. By providing the reliable and cost-effective customer support services, HP has become one of the best customer services. It is a fact that any business will fail without customers. So to keep the customers happy and satisfied, it is necessary to offer a good customer support services to them so that they can stay with you for a long-term period. HP knows the importance of Customer Satisfaction thus provide help for its all kind of products such as printers, computers, laptops etc.

If you are also facing problem and need assistance then feel free to contact HP Customer Support Phone Number. Let the HP indentify your products and offer help with other common tasks and save time. The Technical experts are available 24/7 to handle all kind of issues regarding any HP device.

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