How to Fix HTTP 504 Error During Mobile Sync in Quicken?


Quicken is a fantastic personal financial management application which efficiently manages our all financial issues and also set strategies to improve our financial services. But Quicken users normally face this HTTP 504 error while syncing their mobile on their desktop Quicken file. There are some steps mentioned below which will troubleshoot this error manually and if users want to get past this error quickly without any tension then they should contact quicken technical experts through Quicken Help Number for Mac.

Instructions to solve the error:

Step 1: Launch your Quicken software and click on Tools and then go on “One Step Update”.

Step 2: Now you will get an option of update click on the option of “Update Now”.

Step 3: After updating click on Tools and then go to Cash Account and do not forget to give the account a different name and then click on “Next”.

Step 4: Now update the correct date on the software and click on “next”.

Step 5: After this check that syncs to quicken box is not checked and then click “finish”.

Step 6: Now users have to edit the account settings. To do so, go to the mobile and alerts and edit the settings.

Step 7: Now deselect all the available accounts which are showing in your window and disable them.

Step 8: The account which users have just created they have to select this account from cash account and then they have to sync the account in some time.

Step 9: After this, the updating process will be completed and then users need to go the account settings again.

Step 10: Again update your account by following the above steps by clicking on “update account”.

Step 11: Then again go the settings and now check the sync to quicken cloud box by unchecking the new cash account.

Step 12: Now, in the end, open your Quicken mobile app and login with the id and password of Intuit and now all the accounts will be synced onto your mobile device.

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If users still face this big number error in their Quicken software and they are unable to sync the data on their mobile device then they should contact to quicken technical experts through Quicken 2017 for Mac number toll-free.