How to Fix Hyperlinks Not Working in Outlook 2016?


Hyperlinks are made to open a target location like a website, a mailing address or a contact us form or many more. Hyper link generally stops working when your default web browser is other than internet explorer sometimes other browser like Chrome; Mozilla etc due to some files present are directed to make the installing browser default one without getting the knowledge.

If you are getting high number of junk mails and want to block them read now, How to Block Spam Emails in Outlook 2016. But to fix hyperlinks not working in outlook read below to follow step by step all the methods to solve the problem.

Steps to Fix Hyperlinks Not Working In Outlook 2016:


Step1: Open internet explorer and select tools option.

Step2: Click internet options and select advanced tab.

Step3: Press reset button and in opened window select check mark delete personal settings.

Step4: Press reset button and click close button.

Step5: Restart the browser and check if the issue persists.


Step1: Press tools button in internet explorer and select internet option.

Step2: Select programs tab and click on set programs button.

Step3: Now select set your default programs option and from the list select Microsoft Outlook.

Step4: Click set this program as default and press ok button.


Step1: Click on windows button and select run option.

Step2: Type regedit and press ok button to execute.

Step3: Now open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder and look for .html folder to open it.

Step4: Now check the value for the Default should be html file if not change it to html file.

Step5: Save and close the registry editor.

Call Outlook Support Number to Fix Hyperlinks Not Working Outlook 2016

If after executing the methods the same concern persists you are required to dial round the clock to get in touch with outlook customer support number.The helpline contact number is available for customers of USA and Australia for instant assistance by certified technical experts to resolve various errors faced in Outlook.