How To Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Working Problem’s


Solve Microsoft is not working & Outlook not responding problem in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 & on iPhone. If you are facing any problem with Microsoft Outlook you can call our customer service number or you can ask a question in our community.

Step By Step Guide To Solve Outlook Not Working Problems.

In this article we are going to tell you How can you easily solve outlook not working problems with different server’s such as is not working on Windows, Outlook Not working on Mac, Outlook not working on iPhone, Outlook Not working after Update, Outlook not working with email account such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and If you are not able to send and receive email using

Outlook Not Working On Windows 7, Windows 8 & On Windows 10 Laptop or Computers.

If you are not able to send or receive email’s using windows or if your software is crashing in windows 7 then we are going to tell you some of the Troubleshooting steps with the help of that you can solve easily find and solve your all problem’s.

  • How to solve if Outlook is Not Sending And Receiving Email’s
  • Learn How to Solve if Outlook is not Responding on Windows.
  • is not working on Windows Browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
  • Outlook giving us an error messages.
  • Outlook not working after Windows Update.

Learn How To Solve if you are not able to send and receive Email.

If you are not able to send and receive email’s that can be because of multiple factor’s. These are some of the basic factor’s that are mainly responsible and can stop you to send and receive email’s you can cross-check these factor’s and verify that none of the settings is incorrect.

  • Email password or username is incorrect or Changed. 
  • Your account settings are incorrect or changed,
  • Your server details are changed ( Pop or IMAP)
  • Antivirus protection firewall is blocking your email’s.
  • It can also possible any Malware or Virus is stopping you to send and receive emails.

If you think none of the factors is responsible for the account or you are facing any other problem’s then you can contact our customer support team.

Learn How To Fix if Outlook not Responding in Windows.

If your Outlook is not responding or if it is crashing in your windows operating system that can be because of multiple reason’s it can be because of slow computer RAM, you have too many mail messages if any new message come to your computer freeze.

How To Fix If is Not Working on Internet Browser’s such as Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer.

If your is not working on browser’s such as chrome, Firefox & on Internet Explorer then it can be mainly because of your browser issue. Browser is mainly connected to the internet and you surf many website’s at a time sometimes if your browser got any malware or any extra plugin’s that can make your Microsoft Outlook to not working or responding.

Step’s to resolve if your Outlook Not Working on Chrome & Any Other Browser’s

  • Open your Browser Setting.
  • Clean your browser history and cookies.
  • Once your browser cookies are clean then reopen your browser again.
  • Open your Add On’s or Browser Plugin Setting’s If there is any unwanted plugin’s there please remove it from there.
  • If any of your browser such as Chrome, Firefox required any update please update your browser.
  • If your Browser is attacked with any Malware or Virus please clean your browser using some professional Tool’s.

That’s how you can easily solve outlook not working problems on browser’s like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox Etc. If you are still having the same problem’s after cleaning and updating the browser then you can contact our support team for help.

Outlook Not Working Error Messages.

If your program is not working and you are getting error message’s then it time to check some internal setting’s of your software if you are back to back error message’s then you can contact our technical support number to fix these problems. Errors can be many types so if you are getting error message’s and your software is not working give us a call at our support number or ask a question in our community.

Outlook Not Working After Microsoft Windows Update

If you recently updated your windows and after updating your windows your outlook start-stop working then it can be because of several things’s to solve this kind of problem you use restore factory settings to undo your last update or you can use Microsoft Fix It tool to fix this problem. If you are performing a factory restore to make sure to check all date’s and restore only the latest update. You can also update your program or you can check after windows update your email server settings is correctly configured or not. If your problem still won’t resolve then you can contact our support team for this solution.

Fix Outlook Not Working or Responding on MAC Laptop.

If you are using MAC device with email client and for some reason if your software start stop working and it is crashing  or hang’s up at start up you then you can read our this article to solve Outlook Not working MAC.

  1.  If your software is keep crashing and not working Mac then please Force Quit your Software by pressing ESC key or by opening command prompt.
  2. Once your program is closed then try to open your software without sync to any mail’s or calendar to do so you can open your software by pressing shift key + Icon that will prevent any extra file’s or mail to download on your MAC Laptop.
  3. If your Problem won’t resolve then you can also open you MAC on safe mode with networking  by doing so if in your MAC laptop if there is any bad sector or extra software is running that is causing your outlook to not responding or working it can be easily solve.

If you are still facing same problem then you can contact our support team to fix this problem or you can reconnect your outlook settings as and then restart your Software.

Outlook Not Working on Safari.

If you are using safari browser and for some reason you are not able to access your email and you are getting error and your safari keep’s crashing on you then it can be only because of your Safari browser problem’s. Safari is an internet browser and if you using a Internet browser it can contain’s cookies, cookies are kind of file’s that will store your browsing history for fast browsing and if you are using email then it can also store your email cookies and if sometime any new email come then you see your Safari browser keep’s crashing on you.

How To Solve Microsoft Email Not Working on Safari.

  1. Open your Safari Browser.
  2. Then From the top Menu Click on History.
  3. Under History and Cookies click on the clean History.
  4. Then Select Clean History from the beginning of time.
  5. Once your History is cleaned then reopen your email and check weather it’s working or not.

That is How you can easily solve Outlook Not Working problem on Safari if still you are facing the problem with your browser then please reset or reinstall your browser once or try to open your email in different browser.

Outlook Not Working on iPhone.

If you are using or Microsoft Outlook is not working on iPhone then you need to reconfigure your email setting’s by going into your iPhone Mail setting’s. It can also be because of your iPhone is taking your current email setting’s such as server settings or any other Pop setting’s. If it is so then please reconfigure your iPhone email setting’s by using Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook setting’s

How To Fix Outlook Not Working on iPhone.

  • Open your iPhone Mail Setting’s
  • Under Mail setting’s please click on Mail , Calendar’s, contact’s
  • Then click on the Existing Mail Account.
  • Under mail account setting’s please re-enter your password.
  • Check you incoming and outgoing SMTP setting’s .

After re entering your these details if you are still not able to solve this problem then can contact our support number for any help and support.

Outlook Not Working on email Such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AT&T, Office 365 Etc.

If your using any of these email such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail & AT&T email’s etc. That can be because either your name server’s such as pop or imap server detail’s is changed and it can also possible your account is configured properly. To do this you need to follow our step’s