How to fix Outlook 2010 Not Responding Error?


Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a built-in mailing app comes with MS office 2010 suites provides best email platform for inter-organizational as well as web communication across the globe. However, sometimes Email outlook shows problem and not respond at the time of use.

And it becomes problematic situation when you urgently need to send an important mail and outlook is not responding. This error becomes due to infinite reasons, like low RAM, Full inbox, slow internet connection or running multiple tabs at the time etc. Here you will find how to fix outlook 2010 not responding error on your windows computer.

Step1: Forcefully Stop Outlook Running

To stop the outlook 2010 not responding on your computer you need to use task manager and end the process manually. To open the task manager press Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously on your keyboard or right mouse click on task bar to open the task manager window.

Step2: Restart Outlook in Safe Mode

Running outlook in safe mode is another way to fix the not responding issue. Outlook 2010 runs without any add-ins and customization files when open in safe mode. To run outlook in safe mode run the command box and type outlook.exe/safe. If you need help Outlook technical support is also available to solve outlook not responding problem.

Step3: Disable the Outlook Add-ins on your PC

If outlook is not responding on your computer, then disable the add-ins added one-by-one on your computer. To disable add-ins go to tool menu and open the trust center and then press “Add-ins” button. In outlook 2010 and 2013 you need to follow the same process except another options added. From here you can uncheck the add-ins and close the remote session.

Step3: Optimize Outlook Inbox Mail

When your outlook 2010 mail box has become full or running out of storage, your outlook mail will not respond at the time of sending new mail. Actually, when you not delete the mails from your inbox and lots of incoming messages fills the inbox not allowing new mails to land into the inbox. To deal with inbox full problem, create mail folders and allot mails between them.

Step4: Syncing Outlook Mails

The outlook 2010 running on multiple devices needs to synchronize the database like contacts and messages. When you gain the speed, it allows outlook users to send mails without any interruptions. And make sure while synchronizing the outlook do not perform any other action on outlook mail, otherwise it will slow down the process or failed in the meantime.

Step5: Repair the Outlook Data Files

To use the outlook database files accurately it should be not corrupt or damaged. To fix outlook not responding you also need to repair your damaged or corrupt Outlook data files using inbuilt utility inbox repair tool. In order to use this inbox you call at Outlook email customer service and get online assistance by experts who will fix the issue professionally.