How to Fix Outlook 2016 Error Code 3253 on Mac?


Outlook mail is also available for Mac computers with the similar user-interface and interactive features to send customize emails to anyone. However, sometimes outlook fails to establish the server connections resulting error code 3253 appears on your Mac screen. This error will stop you to send mails, yet you can receive the mails through your outlook account. Though, if you are not able to send or receive mails read our blog How to Fix Outlook Email Send and Receive Error with simple process to solve mails not sending and receiving issues.

As we have already told you, Outlook for Mac error code 3253 occurs due to server connection issue stopping you to send any mail. So, it is important to fix outlook error with right troubleshooting process and we brought for you the most suitable and simple steps to fix the outlook 2016 Mac error code 3253 with assured solution. Though, these steps are most suitable for outlook 2016 but can be also applied to fix the error with other outlook versions.


Steps to Fix Outlook Error Code 3253 Mac Computers:

Step1: To deal with this error your need to set up the email account in a new profile. So, just navigate to Applications Folder using Finder.

Step2: Now right-click MS Outlook and click on Show Package Contents and go Contents>>Shared Support and go to Outlook Profile Manager, double-click on it.

Step3: Here you need to click on create a new profile button and enter the name of the new profile to complete this process.

Step4: After creating a new profile now select Add account option in the set up page.

Step5: Now choose the desired account type to add among the options like Exchange/Office 365 or Other Email (IMAP/POP).

Step6: Here you need fill the detailed information required for account and click on Add Account.

Step7: Now click on Accounts option under Tools Tab to add more email accounts and Add an Exchange Account.

Step8: This is one the most crucial step where you have to click on Add option from the bottom left corner, select Exchange and enter the information related to Exchange account. Here user can configure the account automatically by selecting Configure automatically option and click on Add account.

Step9: Now add an IMAP or POP account and then Select Other Email option after Adding, and just enter the account details and click on Add account to finish this process. If you need any help to change IMAP to POP click here How to Change IMAP to POP3 in Outlook Express to find how to change such settings correctly.

These are the simple steps to configure the outlook account successfully and fix the error code 3253 on your Mac system. However, if problem is not solved and you are still facing the error again on your Mac screen, just contact Outlook email support number to get online help by certified technicians who will resolve such problems online using the remote access while maintaining your privacy.