How to fix QuickBooks Common Problems?


QuickBooks accounting software is no doubt very useful for businesses to keep the digital records of all daily transactions. The complex functions and interactive features make it useful as well as challenging while performing a particular action through various functions.

Meanwhile, you can face problems operating with such functions. Such breakdowns will affect the performance of QuickBooks either it is QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Payroll version. Thus, we are right here to tell you how to fix QuickBooks common problems easily.

Report Settings are Not Correct

If report settings on your QuickBooks are not configured properly, you will face problem while generating or printing the reports of all the transactions. For cash report set the QuickBooks to show the cash in-out flow of the transactions taking place within your company dealings, whereas, for accrual reports show the company’s overall performance. For help Quick support is also available for you at one call.

Banking Transactions are Not Matching  

The bank transactions related problems come when you not reconcile your bank account and credit card transactions. Regularly check and reconcile all the transactions manually to show them in right account and make sure no transaction is double-booked or missing. Similarly, also reconcile your credit card transactions to avoid any mismatch between your QuickBooks and statements generated by banks.

Transaction Showing Error or Incorrect

If any transaction is not as per your expectations, means there is something disturbs the records of the transaction. Actually, you face such issues when, you delete a transaction it will also affect the other account which is linked with this transaction, because as per the accounting principles if something is debited then, it will be also credited somewhere else to reflect the correct statement in QuickBooks.

Fix QuickBooks Error

Despite Transactions Cash, Account Not Reflecting

This is a very common problem when you misuse the undeposited funds account. Actually, this occurs when despite receiving payments from the customers your cash account isn’t increasing on financial report. It means you are possibly using undeposited funds in wrong manner. Hence, check the cash flow activity in your account and if there is any error call QuickBooks support phone number for quick help.