How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection on Windows 10?


Wi-Fi connectivity on windows 10 laptop offers a high speed wireless link to connect with internet services. But if Wi-Fi connection breaks or not detecting any single, it would be not possible to connect with internet services. Fix Wi-Fi Connection, wifi support, wifi setup support, how to set up wifi, wifi technical support phone number, repair wifi, internet support, internet technical support number, wifi customer support services number Actually wireless connection issue is very sensitive you need to be little extra careful to troubleshoot the problem safely.

Laptops or netbooks running on windows 10 facing Wi-Fi connection issue can try the troubleshooting process given below. Go for these steps as per your comprehensives and accessibility and if you need help of experts, then call to wifi setup support who will assist you remotely and solve wireless connection related network issue.

Solve the Connection Related all Issues

If your laptop is not able to establish wireless connection, you cannot access internet service through your Wi-Fi single of your laptop. Hence, you need to check and resolve connection related various issues. Start with the BIOS update and make sure the wireless connection is on or you can toggle between switch on or off the Wi-Fi connection. Check the network name (SSID) and the key used to create profile is correct.

Turn-on and Turn-off all Devices Running on Network

To ensure the network connectivity, disconnect all the connected devices from broadband modem or router and wait for at least 3 minutes before you reconnect them with each other. Shutdown all the devices, including your computer, router and other connected devices. Check all the USB cables and other ports connecting all these devices with each. If there is any issue call to repair wifi internet support to fix the problem.

Adjust the Wi-Fi Adapter Settings for Best Performance

To fix the Wi-Fi connection problem you also have to configure the wireless adapter settings through device manger which is located under control panel. The wireless adapter could be different as per the manufacturers like HP, Intel or Dell but the process is almost the same. In Dell adapter, you have to highlight the AP compatibility mode, select broader compatibility. And it’s better to call wi-fi support services number and adjust this setting to avoid any other issue which can create another problem in near future.