How to Improve Scan Quality in HP Printer?


Scanning a document or photo through a scanner don’t need specific technical knowledge or skills, but when the scan quality is not acceptable what will you do. The picture will be not clear and document would be not readable due to bad quality scan.

At this moment, you need to take corrective measure to improve the scanning quality and get better results. To know how you to improve the picture quality with HP scanner follow the few steps given below with recommended instructions to enhance the scanning skills.

Clean the Dirt/Smears from Scanner Glass

Using HP scanner over a time period attracts dust particles that are mainly collected on glass panel of the scanning machine. Smudges and dirt particles spread reduce the visibility level affecting the quality of document scanned by machine. Use a recommended material and clean the glass panel of HP scanner for better quality scanning results. Avoid using hard materials otherwise the glass will be scratched or damaged.

Adjust the Resolution Settings

To get better quality scanning results you have to adjust the resolution at best level. The resolution of a picture is defined in pixels and highest the number the pixels, you will get better quality image. But make sure the document you are scanning is adequate size, as small size images become blurry when you expand them. Hence, scan a document of image at highest level and if you face any issue call to HP scanner support.

Check and Adjust Image Scanning Settings

Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness and Background cleanup etc. are important settings that should be adjusted while scanning an image. You can also choose automatic tone for scanning document having minimum hundred characters. And also change the image orientation like landscape or portrait as per the page dimension and availability scanning space. You can take help of tech professionals to configure HP scanner likewise.

Adjust the Setting of Scan Output Quality

To get best quality scanning results you also need to make little changes in output quality of scanning. Adjust the level of compression while saving the file for the best quality results. To change these settings go to control panel and scroll down to the administration button to open the scan send settings and adjust the output quality. For help from technical support experts call to HP scanner support phone number and enjoy safe scanning.