How to Increase the Speed of HP Windows 8 Laptop?


HP laptop running on windows 8 becomes slow due to many reasons. Low RAM, insufficient space in hard drive and virus attack are the few top reasons slowdown a computer. Optimization and tune-up of PC helps to boost the speed with better performance.

Windows 8 users can start the process of restoring the speed and performance. The process also works for all other PCs running on windows 8 including HP laptop and netbook. Read below how to enhance the speed and make your laptop faster.

Cleanup Unwanted Files and Folders

Regular use of computer, creating new documents and storing media files also create backup and temporary files at the backend. Over a time period hard disk become chaotic with lots of temporary files and unwanted folders, storing the data in unorganized manner. Accumulation of such files into the hard drive impacts the speed and performance of system. Get HP laptop support and cleanup these unwanted files.   

Clear-out Trash Folder to Free up Space

Trash folder which is generally known as recycle bin also consumes hard disk memory. When you delete a file it directly goes into recycle bin before removing permanently from there. Clear-out your recycle bin completely and your system will be boosted with better speed. Make sure not delete any important data from your computer.

Defragmentation of Hard Disk for Better Speed

Fragmentation of hard disk slowdowns the speed of computer, especially when you access a particular folder or data through a particular drive. Defragmentation of drives group all the scattered data and locate them in more efficient area of hard disk. HP laptop technical support is available to help users for such issues.

Scan and Remove Virus/Malware and Spyware

A computer infected with virus runs at slower speed. And if your HP laptop is running below normal speed, especially when you connect internet, there could be virus or spyware impacting its speed. Malware and spyware perform unusual activities and use internet to transmit data to other connected system creates problem for users. Use an effective antivirus and scan your PC to remove the malware and spyware from your PC.


Update Your System and Critical Drivers

Operating system developers keeps working on bug fix that hit the security standards of computers. Hence, you should always update windows OS and other critical software or drivers to avoid virus threats. You can install HP laptop drivers with online tech support technicians who will do this process in a highly professional manner.