How to Install a Canon Printer in Mac Classic


Mac Classic is any version of Mac that came before Mac OS X, but it usually refers to Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 8 since they were the most recent operating systems before OS X came along. While all Mac OS X computers have printer drivers installed on them, most Mac Classic computers do not. To install a Canon printer on Mac Classic, it must be compatible with Mac OS 9 or lower and have an install CD.

Install Canon Printer in Mac Classic

Put the Canon printer install CD into your Mac and click the icon. Click on the “Install.pkg” to install the printer drivers on your Mac. Click “Continue” and then “Install.”
Plug your Canon printer into an outlet and connect it to the Mac via the printer port or USB port. Turn the printer on.
Eject the disk from your Mac and open the “Chooser” in the Apple menu.
Choose the Canon printer’s icon from the list and click on “Select a port.”
Select the printer icon and click “Close.” A new window will open prompting you to set up the printer.
Align your Canon printer following the directions on your screen and click “Close” when it is finished.