How to install TurboTax from Your Hard Drive (Windows) in a few simple steps?


Accounting is a pretty tough subject. Many of you agree with this fact. Of course, complicated tax calculation can create problems for anyone. However, with the introduction of TurboTax software, it has become much easier to manage such tricky job and keep individuals away from the fear of doing a wrong calculation that can lead to wrong payments to the client. This software has brought out a boom when it comes to calculating the taxes with 100% accuracy while allowing you to save a significant sum of money.

Many people from across the world want to install this software which is equipped with plenty of features. If you are among those who want to install TurboTax from Your Hard Drive (Windows), here are the useful steps that you actually need to follow. Without approaching a tech support company via their given TurboTax help number, you can get this process done within a few simple steps.

Installing TurboTax from your hard drive primarily encompasses copying files from the CD to your PC, and then initiating to install from the copied files rather than doing it directly from the CD. Here is what you actually need to do to get the job done successfully:

  • Start the process with copying the files from the CD to your hard drive.
  • Insert the TurboTax CD into the CD drive of your PC. (If you see any message appearing on the screen, then click Cancel or No.)
  • Make sure that you have viewed all hidden files and folders.
  • Create a folder giving it a name “TurboTax” on the desktop of your PC by just right-clicking an empty area on your PC’s desktop and selecting New > Folder.
  • Click the Start menu and click Computer then.
  • Then right click your CD drive and select Copy. (If you’re asked by the PC whether to copy hidden files, click OK.)
  • You are advised then to right-click the TurboTax desktop folder that you created and saved on the desktop of your PC in Step 3 and select Paste. Wait for some time until copying of all the files is over.
  • Now, get ready for installing TurboTax from the copied files:
  • Don’t forget to double click the TurboTax folder on your desktop to open it. Then you have to double click the file setup.exe. For this, check the familiar TurboTax “checkmark” icon).
  • Follow the on-screen useful instructions to install TurboTax and the job will be done shortly.

I am pretty sure that you have gained complete knowledge on how to install TurboTax from Your Hard Drive (Windows) through the above-given steps. But still, you are finding it difficult to get it done on your own, then dialing a third party TurboTax help number will be a nice idea for you. With a trustworthy third party company, you can also find QuickBooks technical support at very reasonable prices.