How To Install windows with USB Flash Drive

The conventional method of installing a new Windows OS is using an installation disc. However, if you make use of a USB flash drive to install a new OS, the process will be faster and easier to complete. This is because the data transfer capacity of a USB drive is much faster than that of a CD. Follow the Windows help and support guidelines provided here to know how to do this.

Instructions Install windows with USB Flash Drive

  • Plug the USB device into the computer’s port. Windows will identify the device and show it in the My Computer window as an external device.
  • Open the Start menu and click on the Run If you do not find the icon in the menu, search for it in the menu and select it from the results that appear. Enter cmd in the Run window and press the Enter key. Once the command prompt window appears, enter diskpart and press Enter. The disk part window will open now.
  • In the window that pops up, you need to enter the following commands.
  • Enter select disk # and replace # with the number of the USB drive. Now, press
  • Type clean and press the Enter All data in the hard drive will be formatted to prepare the hard drive for installation.
  • Type Create partition primary and then press The flash drive is a primary partition now.
  • Enter Select Primary Partition into the box and press
  • Now, type Active and press the Enter Next, type format fs=fat32 quick and then assign into the command prompt window. Hit the Enter key after entering each command.
  • You need to copy the installation files from the ISO disc image to your USB drive. Make use of compression software like WinRAR or 7 Zip to copy the installation files.
  • Restart the computer. Enter the boot up settings menu according to the model of your computer and set the USB flash drive as the primary boot option. The computer will now start up using the USB flash drive.
  • Once the computer boots with the flash drive choose the appropriate option to install Windows 7 or Windows Vista when prompted.
  • Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to complete the setup and personalize the new OS.

Windows help and support desk warns users to be careful when selecting the disc drive number, as choosing an improper drive will result in the formatting of the drive and in turn loss of data.