How to Install Windows XP on Mac


With Apple’s switch to Intel processors and Mac OS 10.5 “Leopard,” it became easier than ever to run Windows natively on the Mac. The company has provided an application called Boot Camp which makes the process fairly easy for an experienced computer user.

Setting up the Mac

  • Log onto your computer as the Administrator, click Finder, then go to Applications, and click on the Utilities folder. Find “Boot Camp Assistant,” and load the application. The initial screen will pop up. It is strongly recommended you print out the Installation Guide by clicking the “Print the Installation & Setup Guide” button. After doing so, click Continue.
  • Select “Create or Remove a Windows partition” and click Continue. On the next screen, adjust the size of the Windows partition to your liking. Note that the Windows partition must be at least 5GB and leave 5GB of free space for the Mac OS partition. Click Partition.
  • With the partition process complete, insert your Windows XP disc. Keep in mind this disc must be for Windows XP Service Pack 2 or the process will fail. Click Start Installation. The computer will now start up in Windows.
  • With Windows booted, a blue screen will appear asking which partition to install to. Ensure you install to the drive “C: Partition3 <BOOTCAMP> [FAT32]” or similar. Selecting another will overwrite your Mac OS installation.
  • In the next screen, select the file system you would like to use. If you need to use your Windows files in Mac, select FAT. If this is not a concern, you may select the NTFS file system, but it will be inaccessible when the computer is running Mac OS.

Setting up Windows XP

  • Allow the installation process to complete. The computer may reboot several times: this is normal. After the completion of the installation, eject the Windows XP install disc by clicking My Computer, selecting the optical drive and selecting Eject Disc in the System Tasks list.
  • Insert the Mac OS X installation disc. The driver installation should begin automatically. Follow any onscreen instructions that the software provides. If an alert appears about drivers not passing Windows Logo testing, select Continue Anyway. Do not click cancel for any of the installation dialogs.
  • The computer may restart. The Found New Hardware wizard appears and asks for additional input. Follow the instructions given.
  • After installation completes, verify that all peripherals work as expected, including volume keys, the insight camera, audio, and brightness controls.

Using Windows XP on Mac

  • To boot into Windows XP, hold down the option key as the computer boots. Two hard disk icons will appear. Select the one that says Windows and click the arrow underneath it. Windows XP will load.
  • To right click using the Apple trackpad, place two fingers on the pad and click. Scrolling also uses two fingers: slide them down (or up) the trackpad surface.
  • The eject key will work in Windows to eject discs once the drivers are installed.