How To Quick Fix Canon Printers Problems?


Canon printers are one of the best printers in the industry to choose and well-known for its user-friendly technology & quality prints. But as it is an electronic device, so you could face some issues while using it at home or office. These problems could be fixed easily by taking Canon Printer Tech Support Services. To get the solution of Common Problems of Canon Printer, you can also go through the given instructions .

Common Problems With Canon Printers


Reasons: Sometimes, the printer stops printing the documents. To get rid of this problem, you need to check out that if the power plug is securely plugged in, the machine is connected to the computer properly or the printer’s front tray is not opened.

Solutions: First of all, if the power plug is not plugged in correctly, check it and plugged in the power plug securely. Finally, press the ON button. If the machine is not connected properly to the computer, make sure the USB cable should be attached to computer and printer safely. The problem could be with USB cable. Replace the USB Cable and try again.

The printer would also create a problem if the printer’s front tray is not open. So, whenever you use the printer, always remember to keep the front tray open. For any kind of assistance, contact Canon Printer Customer Care Number.


Reasons: This problem can generate when the papers are not loaded or papers are too thick and curled.

Solutions: If your printer showing “No Paper” error then make sure that papers are loaded in the tray and the loaded papers are not too thick and curled. With this, also make sure that paper size and media typesetting correspond with the loaded papers. In any kind of tech support, feel free to dial Canon Printer Toll-Free Number .


Reasons:  If the Ink cartridge runs out of ink or the cartridge is not installed properly.

Solution: Check out the cartridge is installed properly or not. If is not installed in a proper manner, the ink would not eject appropriately. You need to remove the cartridge from the printer and reinstall it. Restart your printer and try again. But before trying, confirm that the cartridge has been installed properly. If you need tech assistance then dial Canon Printer Helpline Number 1800-624-4491.


Reasons: The paper size and media type are not matched accurately and the proper print quality is not selected.

Solutions: Sometimes printer doesn’t print the document properly because of the mismatching of the paper size and media type settings. If the paper size and media typesetting are not matched properly with the loaded paper then apply the correct setting and confirm the both while using the printer driver. If the problem is not solved yet, then feel free to contact Canon Printer Customer Service Number.


Reasons:  It can happen when paper feeding through the printer goes awry or papers got stuck in the loading tray.

Solutions: in this case, the alarm flashes orange and scream for help. It shows the troubleshooting problem on the computer screen automatically. You need to take the appropriate action to solve the problem.  If papers are stuck in the loading tray, remove them from the tray, press the resume button given on the front of the printer. If you couldn’t solve this problem at your end then feel free to our Canon Printer Customer Support.

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