How To Recover Or Reset Forgot Outlook Password


Hotmail is very reliable and there is a high level of security in case your account is not stolen. But if you forget your password, we will help you.
If you have a password problem while logging into your Hotmail account. First, you will be logged in to
Follow the steps shown below. And watch your video for detailed narration.

1 – ) Recover Hotmail Password Step-by-Step:

First we login to

In order to recover the Hotmail password, you need to enter your email address at first.

2- )Step. In the upper part of the page, you will see a menu with applications. Select out of that menu.

3- ) Step – Click the box to recover the Hotmail password “I Forgot my password”

Continue by clicking forward after clicking.

ick on this text button in order to recover Hotmail password

4 ) Step –. Once you have got to see the main page of Hotmail, enter your email in the sign form and click on “Next.”

You have to choose the reason why you are not able to access the account

5 ) Step – Instead of providing your password (which, obviously, you do not know), click on the “Forgot my password” text button, placed below the “Back” and “Sign in” buttons.

Specify your Hotmail account and click on this button after entering Captcha symbols

5 ) Step – In the next window, specify the reason why you cannot access your account and click on the “Next” button.

Choose the means of receiving the security code

6 ) Step – Then, you have to type your email address in the first field on the page. Below, enter the symbols from the Captcha code in the second field. After all, click on “Next.”

Copy it into the field on the page of Hotmail

7 ) Step – On the following page, you will be able to specify the means of receiving the security code: either your mobile phone (SMS or call) or email address. Choose the one that suits you and type your email address (or phone number – depends on what option you have chosen) in the field below. Then, click on the “Send code” button.

After copying the code, click on the “Next” button

8 ) Step –. Go to your email inbox (or phone SMS inbox) and find a letter from Microsoft. Copy the code from the letter into the Hotmail window and click on the “Next” button.

Enter your new password in both fields and click on “Next”

9 ) Step – After it, you have to set up a new password. Make up a strong, reliable password, enter and reenter it in both fields, and click on the “Next” button.

After regaining the control over your account, you will such a message

Tenth Step. Once you have done it, you will see a message that your account has just been recovered. Now, you can use your new password in order to log in to your Hotmail account. So, click on the “Next” button and you will appear on the main page of Hotmail. Use the newly set password for logging in to the system.

If you have forgotten your Outlook (Hotmail) account password, you can recover your password by following the steps in the video.