How to Resolve Most Common Computer Problems?


There are unlimited numbers of issues that your computer can face while operating them, from hardware failure to unexpected software problems there are indefinite errors that can outbreak into your system affecting your crucial task or important assignments.

Though, most of the issues have likely causes with possible solutions, you just need to find actual root cause of error and fix the same with right resolution. And we will help you how to fix most common problems of a computer with best recommendations.

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), may be you have heard of this error that turns your computer screen completely blue. It is also known as STOP error that appears when the windows OS of your computer system completely stops working. And most of the BSOD shows with the STOP code like 0x0000008E or 0x0000007B that helps to find the root cause of problem. To fix this problem get computer support help offered by experts.

Computer Not Turning On

It is one of the most common issues among the computer users. When your computer not turning on, there could be many reasons, either its battery not charged or it is completely dead due to outdated battery. The booting will not happen unless it is powered by rechargeable resources or through direct current. Plug your system and wait for few hours to get it charged and run again, if needed, replace battery for better backup.

Error 404 or “Page Not Found”

It is internet browser related error that occurs when you try to visit a web page and not found. The error will be also appearing when you type wrong address or URL in your browser. To fix this error, check your web address and enter again with the right URL or press F5 to refresh the current page. 404 errors can appear in different form, depending on what website it is showing, but the reason of error is the same on all browsers.


Error Showing “DLL File is Missing”

It is an error means “missing files” mainly that have extension DLL. This is also one of the very common error and lots of reasons becomes prime cause of this error. To fix this error you have to follow several steps but it may take long hours to fix the same depending on the specific error. If you don’t want to fix this error, you can get online computer tech support for professional technician who will fix the issue safely.