How to Save Ink with HP Printer?


HP printers come with low ink consumption technology to print high number of copies at low cost. However, still you need to spend lots of money on ink cartridge that add your printing and stationery cost.

But here we have few useful tips that will help you in saving ink with HP printers.

Use Ink Saving Mode to Reduce Ink Consumption

There is a draft mode comes with HP printer to put it on ink saving mode. Running your printer through draft mode helps to reduce ink consumption while producing large number of copies with readable texts. Actually, in draft mode, printer spray single layer compare to multiple layers sprayed in normal mode. However, if you need bold prints, you can switch over your printer normal mode anytime as per your customize needs

Instead of Colored Ink Use Black Ink

The cost of colored ink costlier than black & white ink, hence using black ink for printing most of the documents helps to save cost on ink. If you need help take HP printer tech support and set your printer at black & white mode to produce large copies at low cost. And if possible avoid using images or photos that requires extra amount of ink to print a document.

Print Only When Necessary

Taking out prints unnecessarily means you are wasting your paper as well as inks. In today’s computer era, you can share e-copies via mail or other mode of communication. You can use various modes to produce soft copies and forward the same without printing and this practice helps to save ink and paper cost. However, if you face any kind of technical issue, you can HP printer customer support to fix the error remotely.

Cover Your Printer When Not in Use

If you left your printer open for many days, the ink will dried-up before you utilize its properties. Hence, cover your printer especially ink cartridge area to avoid contact of air to keep it remain moist for clear prints. But make sure if your cartridge completely dried-up, replace the ink container or refill with recommended ink to avoid other issues. And if you face ink related any problem then immediately call to HP printer customer support phone number  for quick tech support.