How to Save Printing Cost with Dell Printers?


Dell printers provide one of the most advance printing solutions as per the customize needs of the users. Though, it is already equipped with various interesting features to print documents at lowest cost. But if you have a Dell printer and use it for printing large number of copies every day, and want to minimize its cost further with better quality prints on different types of documents. Read below few useful tips how to save cost and minimize the cost of printing different documents using your Dell printers.

Activate Duplexing Printing Mode

Dell printers have facility to print documents on both side of a document, and to activate this feature you have to enable duplexing mode which will print all the documents from both sides. And if you don’t have any idea to activate this service you can take help of Dell printer support and print papers on both sides.

Print Black & White and Avoid Colored Printing

Compare to black & white printing, colored documents need extra amount of ink. And filling your cartridge again and again with toner will increase your overall cost of printing. Therefore, turnoff color print output and set black & white mode by default unless you need a colored document for specific purpose.

Turn on Lower DPI Resolution Printing

Most of the Dell printers by default set at range of 600-900 DPI resolution to print document in high quality. At this level of DPI your Dell printer will consume extra amount of ink while printing documents. Hence, you’ve to Dell Customer Support Phone Number at 300 DPI to print documents at the same time reducing the cost.

Selected Fonts that Consume Less Inks

Compare to other popular fonts, Arial, Century Gothic, Times Roman, Calibri and Verdana font styles consume around 30% less quantity of ink to print any document. And if you don’t have such fonts and need dell printer help to install into your computer system you can take help through online assistance.

Restrict Color Printing at Minimum Level

When you use wide combination colors to print your document, it will increase your overall cost of printing, as filling of color toners are costlier than black & white. Hence, activate color track technology to control your color output and if you need any assistance call to Dell printer repair service for help.

Use Shrink to Fit & Check Print Preview

Before giving print command, set page at “Shrink to fit” to avoid surplus printing of document and produce documents perfectly aligned prints on each paper. And also check print preview to avoid printing extra pages of document having unnecessary contents or stop printing blank page. To use these features actively you have to Dell Laptop Technical Support Number properly and customize its settings accordingly.