How to Search Transactions in QuickBooks?


QuickBooks accounting software gives you best options for keeping the records of multiple transactions at one place. However while entering such transactions you would be not remembering them in your mind, because each transactions has its own transaction number but if you want to find a particular transaction it would be a challenging task for you. But right here we will tell you with different ways, how you can search transactions in QuickBooks.

Method1: Use Registers

QuickBooks software keeps the record of all the transactions in balance sheet of your company like account payable or receivable, inventory, bank accounts and other assets. And each transaction is categorized as per the nature of effect on balance sheet. Hence, depending upon your transaction type you can easily search a particular transaction on your desk. You can also take help at QuickBooks customer support to find such entries in QuickBooks.     

Method2: Search with Simple Find

This software has another amazing feature called Simple Find feature which is also known as expanded version of the “Go To” feature within the register of QuickBooks. To use this feature select edit and then Find using Ctrl+F and if it is necessary, click the simple tab appearing on the top of the window. Here you can perform searches based on transaction type like Estimate Bill, Invoice, Check and other entries to find a particular entry.

Method3: Use Report Filters

QuickBooks reports contains copious information, compare to actually you needed. But don’t worry, in each QuickBooks report, there is button of Modify Report on the upper left side corner of your computer screen facilitating you to filter the results as per your needs. You can filter date wise or use other criteria to refine you search. If you are working with enterprise version get QuickBooks enterprise support for finding crucial data.

Method4: Find with Customized Lists

QuickBooks comes with the by default setting of customer and vendor lists that only displays balance total and names but in the same list you can also add more columns like address, phone number etc. with option to sort the data accordingly. If you need help for finding any particular data or entry call at QuickBooks support phone number and online technicians will help you to search any specific transaction in QuickBooks.