How to Setup a HP Wireless Printer ?


How to Setup a HP Wireless Printer

If you have HP wireless printer you can take printouts without using wires to connect with computer. And the best advantage is you can also print from your phone or tablet having Wi-Fi to connect with such device. It will work when you properly setup and configured your HP printer in recommended manner. Here below we have discussed how to setup a HP wireless printer on windows supported computers and laptop.

How Wireless Printer Works?

A wireless printer works on Wi-Fi technology that can be accessed through any Wi-Fi enabled devices like laptop, netbook smartphone and tablet. And apart from this you can again connect your wireless printer with a Wi-Fi router to enhance the frequency and allow multiple device accessibility. However, for limited Wi-Fi range HP wireless printer is enough for printing.

Install Software and Printer Driver

To run your HP printer, you have to install the software comes with HP printer. Just install the software while following the recommended steps. And to establish a communication between printer and computer install the right driver from the website. And if you need help you can take help of HP printer technical support to install software and driver through remotely.

Secure with Password for Safe Use

A wireless printer can be accessed by any unauthorized person through his portable device. To protect from such illicit use, secure your HP wireless printer with a password that will be asked when anyone try to connect with this device. Password protection also helps to minimize the excessive use of device and reduce the paper consumption cost.

Connect Cable with USB Wireless Setup

To provide wide range wireless connectivity to your HP printer you have to connect it with a router and computer. Using a router to connect wireless printer helps to connect unlimited number of devices with printer from taking printouts from far distance. If you face a problem while establishing this setup you can call to HP Printer Customer Support.