How to Solve HP Printer Problems after Windows 10 Upgrade

HP Printer Problems after Windows 10 Upgrade
After upgrading your system to windows 10, if your HP printer is not running properly or stopped, it means there are some issues that need to be solved through right troubleshooting process given below. Actually, due to printer compatibility or outdated software, many connected device not work which need to be fixed.

And HP printer not working due to windows 10, upgrade can be fixed by running right troubleshooting process discussed below.

Make Sure All Windows Updates are installed

Windows 10 upgrade process includes installation of various important software that are responsible for functionality of various programs or other connected devices. If part of any update failed to install, your printer may show technical problem. Always make sure your system has updated all the necessary software and other database to ensure the functionality of all other devices connected with your computer system.

Check Print Spooler Service is running or not

Go to services and check whether spooler service is running or not. If it is on and still not working, then stop and restart the services to make sure spooler service is now active. If you face any technical problem then call HP printer support.

Uninstall and Reinstall the HP Printer Driver

Another method to fix HP printer problem is uninstall the HP printer software and reinstall the HP printer driver and software. Go to control panel and uninstall the HP printer software setup completely from the system. After removal again install the HP printer software carefully as per your system and windows 10 compatibility.

Use HP Print and Scan Doctor to Fix the Issue

This is very useful tool to troubleshoot printing related problems in HP printer. This tool comes with every HP laptop user which is called as HP Print and Scan Doctor to troubleshoot printing and scanning related various issues. If your system not has this software, you can get HP printer help to download and run this useful software.

Restart Your HP Printer and Computer

After trying all these troubleshooting process you need to restart your computer and connected printer. Practically, after installing any software you should always restart your computer to restore the settings and run the new program properly. Similarly, restart your computer and printer now takeout prints from your windows 10 PC.