How to Solve Missing Operating System Problem?


An operating system missing from your computer will show you error on black screen, not allowing you to do anything except few essential actions. Operating system missing error can be shown when your computer hard drive is damaged or BIOS does not detect the hard drive etc.

Similarly if Master Boot Record (MBR) located on the hard drive is corrupted or partition of hard drive is not active creating a problem for drive access. This error can be fixed by running a right troubleshooting process and here below you can find how to fix missing operating system error with while ensuring about the safety of your computer data.

Hard Drive Testing

This is a best way to solve your operating system error. You have to test your hard drive by using hard drive self-test (for HP laptop users). Connect your AC adaptor into the notebook and turn off your computer, and again turn on your laptop at the same time also press F10 key to open the BIOS utility that will allow you to run hard drive self-test.

When you press enter key to start test four types of tests like estimated test time, quick test, comprehensive test, and smart test will run and if any of these test fails you need to replace the hard drive of your laptop. To perform this test you can also take windows operating systems technical support offered by certified technicians.

Repairing the Master Boot Record

Master Boot Record or MBR is a segment of hard disk used by computer to start the windows operating system. If there is any problem with MBR or it is corrupt, then your computer will not start. To check the MBR contact windows operating system support phone number and give your system on remote access to a technician who will do this job better than with complete safety while ensuring data safety and privacy.

Reinstalling the Operating System

When you nosedive to restore missing operating system you have only one choice that is reinstalling the operating system. To install windows operating system is recommended manner this time take help from professionals, as you can lose important data or you can again face operating system missing problem on your computer.